Prayers Up: Kanye’s Father Diagnosed With Life Threatening Disease

Posted On : 07/30/2018

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kanye’s father, Ray West, at this time. Word has now surfaced that the former Black Panther is fighting a life threatening disease and ‘Ye is reportedly right there by his side.

What Ray West Is Battling

TMZ confirmed that Ray West has just been informed he has prostate cancer. He’s currently receiving treatment for it and is said to be responding well to it so far. It was also reported that as soon as Kanye learned of his Pops’ diagnosis, he dropped everything he was doing and immediately flew to the Los Angeles hospital where his dad is being treated.

Ray’s cancer diagnosis comes nearly 11 years after Kanye’s beloved mother, Donda West, passed away in 2007. ‘Ye was extremely close to his moms and by 2016, he reportedly had a complete nervous breakdown, as a result of the depression he was suffering from her passing.

Details Of Kanye & Ray West’s Relationship

Kanye’s relationship with his Pops wasn’t anywhere near as public as the one he had with his mother. That could partly be attributed to the fact that Ray and Donda West divorced when ‘Ye was just 2 years old. Though Kanye did maintain a relationship with his father as well.

Matter of fact, they made a rare public appearance together just a few months ago and the paparazzi hawks were all over them at that time:

Ray West Does NOT Approve Of Kanye’s Trump Support

Like we mentioned earlier, Ray West is a former member of the Black Panther Party. He hails from the era of African Americans having to fight and/or lose their lives just for basic human rights, like sitting in the front of the bus, or integrated water fountains. Those are rights that Ray fought for as a Black Panther. Yet, the surprise that brotha must have had when he learned about his son’s support of Donald Trump’s oftentimes biased political policies, had to be overwhelming for Ray.

According to XXL, Kanye actually revealed that his Pops has MAJOR issues with his Trump support:

Via XXL: In an interview with The New York Times that was published on Monday (June 25), Kanye said his father expressed his displeasure with some of Trump’s policies. “He expressed that he felt that some of the policies were hurtful and that I’m a person that does not intend to hurt people, never hurts people with intention,” Kanye revealed.

But the rapper fired back at his father, sharing an example of an incarcerated cousin that he still loves. “I expressed the example that I have a cousin that’s locked up for doing something bad, and I still love him, so I don’t base my love for a person on if they doing something good or bad,” he added.

Although Ray -just like many of us- think Kanye is crazy as hell for supporting Trump, pretty sure the last thing the West men are concerned with right now, is their political beef. Ray’s health is most important at this time and we wish him a speedy recover on his road toward becoming cancer-free.

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