Still No Winner — Powerball Lottery Climbs To $550 Million

Posted On : 01/05/2018

UNITED STATES — Um, $550 million definitely could take 2018 to new heights for a lot of people. It’s still up for grabs, according to the official count.

CBS – Los Angeles reports that there were no tickets sold with all six numbers on Wednesday night, January 3. The source notes as follows.

“The numbers drawn Wednesday were 2, 18, 37, 39, 42 and the Powerball number was 12. The estimated jackpot was $460 million. The drawing was the 20th since the last time a ticket with all six numbers was sold.”

In the multi-state Powerball lottery, the estimated jackpot for Saturday’s drawing is expected to grow to $550 million.

According to the source, this will be the 8th largest lottery prize…ever.


Honestly, while this is an option, who would chance a lottery winning with an annuity?

The source says an annuity option would allow for the winner to claim the entire $550 million, and it’d be paid out over 29 years. Yet, the cash prize estimates around $348 after taxes.

CBS – Los Angeles reports the lotto’s stats as follows.

“The odds of matching all five numbers and the Powerball number is 1 in about 293 million, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, which conducts the game. The overall chance of winning a prize is 1 in 24.87.”

As you’re probably aware, winning the lotto is a lot harder than people make it look.

However, it’s easier when you’re not worried about the jackpot. The aforementioned quote states that the chances of winning any prize at all is 1 in 24.87.

In Wednesday’s drawing, someone from Ontario, California actually got all five numbers, minus the Powerball.

That prize equates to $3,264,394, as states the source. So, there are definitely different ways to win.

And if you’re not up for playing Powerball, there’s always Mega Millions. This Friday, January 5, Mega Millions will draw for the grand prize of $418 million.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about the pending jackpots. Are you going to participate? As the lottery says, “You can’t win if you don’t play.

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