[Video] While Mom Slept, Her Toddler Was Roaming The Neighborhood

Posted On : 08/08/2017

Parents are losing their kids all-too-frequently these days. Good thing someone spotted the kid and called officers before traffickers got their grimy mitts on him.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — According to ABC 10 News, early Wednesday morning, police were contacted by a man who was driving in the Normal Heights neighborhood.


The man saw the 2-year-old walking near a liquor store around the neighborhood, as the source reports.

When the man saw the child, he was only wearing a diaper. Immediately, the man stopped to help him by calling 911.

So, after police arrived to the scene, they walked through nearby streets for approximately 30 minutes looking for any family that might have been searching for the toddler.

While they searched, dispatch received a call from the child’s mom. The source reports that she reported the child missing just prior to officers taking him to a local children’s center.

So, instead, officer returned the child to his mother. According to the report, police said the mother simply fell asleep and the child wandered off.

However, no charges are expected after the incident.

Missing children…

According to the Black & Missing Foundation, in the United States, approximately 650,000 children go missing per year. Of that number, 36.7 percent are Black.

That’s quite the number, especially considering that Blacks are considered a minority in this country.

With all the children who have gone missing in 2017, alone — with all the heartaching “missing” flyers and social media posts tracing people’s timelines — you would think parents would set more security protocols in place.

It’s definitely time to be more attentive. Remember, usually when kids are “too quiet,” something is probably going on that shouldn’t be.

In many cases, if it’s extra quiet in the house — and you haven’t already told the kids to shut up — that’ll be the time you walk in on kitchen full of flour. You know?

All in all, we’d like to know your thoughts about this situation. It could’ve ended worse for the mother, so certainly she’s grateful for authorities finding her child.

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