Police Dog Mauls Handcuffed Man — Was He ‘Resisting’?

Posted On : 07/13/2017

Video footage has surfaced of a handcuffed man being mauled by a police dog. However, there is more to the story.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — This video might make you angry, seeing a police dog rip through this Black man’s arm.

While two policemen hold his legs to the ground, another officer attempts to release the canine’s grip from the handcuffed man’s arm.

During this entire video, you can hear the man scream in anguish and pain. Mostly, he yells “uncomfortable!” to the officers. Yet, even while the dog bites, he doesn’t resist.


**There’s nothing more I’d love to do than throw this in front of several racists who say, “All he had to do was stop resisting.” However, there’s more to this story than what we see in the first video. Allegedly, the attack is just the aftermath of several warnings. Likewise, there’s a second video to corroborate multiple witnesses and their stories about this man prior to the police dog’s attack. Yet, none of it justifies these officers not being able to subdue their canine.**

According to San Diego Union-Tribune, witnesses saw the man near A Street and Sixth Avenue, around 4 p.m., Sunday, July 9.

According to them, the man was “running in and out of traffic,” “jumping on cars,” “trying to pull stop signs from the ground,” and “challenging passers-by to fight.” Also, witnesses accused the man of “punching a cab driver” and “trying to steal a motorcycle,” says the Tribune.

The source mentions that, once police made it to the scene, the man approached them and was threatening to fight.

The Tribune reports that an officer “repeatedly told the man to stop or the dog would be released.” Apparently, it wasn’t until officers released the K-9 on the man that he stopped.

The initial video was uploaded to Facebook by Angel Nuñez. Nuñez also uploaded the second video. In this video you can see the man in traffic, moments leading up to the attack.

The officer called a verbal command, and the police dog began its attack.

As the Tribune mentions, when the dog clamped down, you could hear the man saying, “okay okay okay!”

Still, the dog should have released the man once officers subdued him, correct?…

Well, according to San Diego Police Lieutenant Scott Wahl, the officers as well as police dog did as they were trained to do.

According to Lieutenant Wahl, police dogs are taught to “bite and hold.” He says they teach this way so the dog doesn’t constantly bite a person, causing even further damage. In addition, he says their police dogs aren’t trained to release on verbal command. Rather, officers are taught to apply pressure in order to get them to release.

That’s funny…because I could’ve sworn I heard the officer issue a verbal command for the dog to attack. Right!?

Nevertheless, the lieutenant mentions that this release can take time.

“Sometimes, it takes a bit to get into the right position. It’s not a perfect, sterile environment where you push a button and it happens.”

Well, if that’s the case, shouldn’t they come up with another protocol for canine release? What if the man had fought back against the canine? Would he have been charged with resisting? Would he have been beat within an inch of his life for resisting?

If a dog is biting down on me, I know I’m not just going to sit there and allow him to do it. That’s not even common sense to expect that.

Yet, overall, the lieutenant mentions as follows.

“While these videos can be graphic in nature to view, keep in mind our canines are extremely effective at deescalating situations and preventing elevated levels of force to take people into custody.”

So, yeah. We would love to know your thoughts about this situation. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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