Police Allegedly Punch 50-Yr-Old Woman In Face [Video]

Posted On : 03/24/2017

Video surfaces of a 50-year-old woman surrounded by officers. According to her son, a cop punched her in the face. Would police stoop so low?

— Jackson, Mississippi

Yesterday, this video took social media by storm. It shows police at this unspecified Jackson residence.

With officers and family lining the porch, there’s a calamity of conflict happening. However, amid all of the turmoil sits a 50-year-old woman seemingly recovering from a blow to the face.

JPD Punches Woman in Face III

The man behind the camera is allegedly the woman’s son. According to him, a Black female officer is the one who physically assaulted his mother.

You’ll see in the video that the young man turns the camera towards the woman, and she takes immediate offense. That’s when the other Black officer (male) scuffles with the woman’s son.

Police Allegedly Punch 50-Yr-Old Woman In Face [Video] II

After a few shakes with the camera, the next scene you see is the young man being pressed and strangled against what appears to be a couch.

In the background you hear and see the 50-year-old woman screaming and pleading with the officers to let her son go — all while he also makes it known that he’s not doing anything wrong.

Unfortunately, there are no details regarding this incident. Jackson Police hasn’t released a statement concerning the viral video, neither via Facebook nor Twitter.

Why Were Police at the Location in the First Place?

No underlying details can be relayed or explained at this moment.

However, while those details are important, they’re simultaneously not important for that situation.

Police officers are trained to handle close-quarter, armed, and unarmed de-escalation situations with certain procedures and protocols. A punch to a 50-year-old woman’s jaw is not one of them.

Police Allegedly Punch 50-Yr-Old Woman In Face [Video] I

In what scenario is it appropriate to deliver a haymaker to a 50-year-old?

Obviously, she didn’t have a gun on her, so the female officer couldn’t have been “fearing for her life.”

Likewise, it’s perfectly legal for citizens to record police activity as long as it doesn’t interfere with their interrogation.

The woman’s son wasn’t touching the officers or getting in their way while recording.

Yet, as you can see from the video, they were definitely trying to turn his camera off.

Why was that so important, IF they were correctly doing their jobs?

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[Featured Photo via YouTube]

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