‘Please Watch Your Kids’ — Woman’s Rant Goes Viral After Confrontation With Combative Mother

Posted On : 07/28/2017

This woman hits the nail on the head with brute force! While the delivery is a little harsh, it’s needed! Check the video.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA — Currently at 2.7 million views, this Facebook video is chastising several would-be mothers who act like the one that Love Dorsey had to check, while inside a convenient store.

Woman rants about bad parents
Dorsey was speaking absolute truth!

According to the Dorsey, she understood the mother’s frustration. Apparently, the children had been running around the store knocking over items and being mischievous.

Likewise, she had told them to stop acting like that and to stand by her side, behavingly — as mentions Dorsey in this rant.


There came a point where the mom practically lost it!

Love Dorsey says that, for nearly 5 minutes, this mother berated her kids so harshly — both young Black males.

She said that even the Indian store clerk was appalled by the things she was saying about her kids…to her kids.

Even after paying for her items, the mother continued to bash the kids … not leaving the store.

So, once Dorsey paid for her items, she turned around and gave the mother a piece of her own medicine.

'Please Watch Your Kids' — Woman's Rant Goes Viral After Confrontation With Combative Mother II
She served that dish so cold. Smh. Lol.

If you’re interested in the video, you can watch it here.

***For whatever reason, this video doesn’t have embeddable permissions.***

Huffing and puffing, of course…

Fortunately, Love Dorsey has some sense about her and didn’t stoop to the mother’s raging ways. However, the mother didn’t like it when someone was speaking to her in the way she was speaking to her children.

Yet, the message this woman speaks is nothing but absolute truth!

Much too often, many within the Black community — especially when coming from troublesome or poverty-stricken environments — rarely speak life into their children’s lives.

And, as we read about in news [to the point that it’s, now, sickening], things play out just as this woman describes in the video.

So, likewise to her rant, I agree. Things have to change within our community, if we want them to change.

As a community, we have to live with the manifested results of these bad parenting mistakes.

How about you? What are your thoughts about what the woman said? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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