Steven Stephens: Now, People DON’T Want Him Dead

Posted On : 04/17/2017

Via live streaming, Steven Stephens showed the very bottom of humanity as he cold-bloodedly shot an elderly man in the face. Now, people DON’T want him dead.

CLEVELAND, OHIO — Authorities are still searching for this cowardly murderer. In what he called an Easter Day Slaughter, he claims to have killed 15 or more people and has no plans on stopping.

Yet, police seem to think Stephens is no longer in the state of Ohio. They’ve issued warnings for surrounding states to keep aware for his description.

Most of all, since he’s considered “armed and dangerous,” law enforcement has asked the public not to engage the suspect if spotted.


Much of the public seems to have a different view on its possible encounter with Stephens. While many are calling for his immediate death, there are just as many saying not to kill him.

If just for Mr. Robert Godwin, Sr.’s retribution, alone, we know Karma is coming for Steven Stephens. Right?

Well, according to several visible tweets and posts, droves of people would rather “Karma” be delivered slowly and painfully — even torturous — in the form of agonizing prison life.

With the degree of crime on Stephen’s ticket, it’d be no surprise if the entire prison would be on the prowl for a piece of Stephens — correctional officers as well as inmates.

Likely, he’d be on constant watch just so he wouldn’t have the chance to kill himself.

Speaking of Suicide…

Stephen’s supposedly didn’t become homicidal until his mother — according to him — “didn’t give a f**k” about whether he was suicidal or not.

During one of his videos, he recalls dialing his mother to talk about his problems, and she seemingly didn’t care. Then, his business with “Joy Lane” pushed him over the edge.

Nevertheless, regardless of any personal issues an individual has, you don’t go around killing others for your own shortcomings — especially not a defenseless old man.

If you didn’t see the video, Mr. Godwin was absolutely unaware such a thing was about to happen. He was simply walking down the sidewalk while carrying a grocery bag.

Instead of Stephens targeting someone who could hold his own, he targeted someone’s elderly grandparent.

What kind of coward-a** do you really have to be!?

Anyway, we’d love to know your thoughts on the public’s response to Steven Stephens.

Do you agree that he needs to be taken into custody? Or do you think he should receive immediate karma? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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