‘My Wife And Kids’ Star, ‘Kady’, Is Grown And Mastering Sexiness [Photos]

Posted On : 10/03/2018

MIAMI, FLORIDA — “My Wife and Kids” star Parker McKenna Posey isn’t the same sweet, innocent “Kady” you might remember. She’s, now, grown and fully mastering her sexiness.


Birthday: August 18, 1995

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Sign: Leo

Height: 5’7″

Ethnicity: African-American, Native-American, Italian, and Irish

Measurements: 35 – 25 – 36, 32C

NOTE: Aforementioned Parker Posey stats gathered from Healthy Celeb.

Although she’s recently made headlines due to her previous, allegedly abusive relationship with YouTube star and singer Chris Sails, it’s apparent that Parker McKenna Posey isn’t hurting for potential companions.


While she’s possibly still receiving residuals from “My Wife and Kids,” Parker has become a successful model as well.

She’s no stranger to the camera these days and isn’t shy in the least — but with her looks, who’d dare shade her confidence, right?

Via Instagram, Posey has over a million followers — all engaging in her capturing posts about life as Ms. Parker.

According to Heightline, “things went quiet” for the actress/model after appearing in various TV spots years ago…… until she was found on IG.

The source reports that, “while we weren’t looking,” Parker got “scorching hot.” No lies told.


Just as surely as time heals all, time has been good to Parker Posey.

According to Posey’s Instagram, she’s also owner and creator of Honey Dip, a swimsuit fashion line. The website states that she sells one- and two-piece swimsuits — along with accessories like jewelry and sunglasses.

And business seems to be doing well, as some of her items are “out of stock.”

Healthy Celeb mentions that Parker Posey has been turning heads since she made an appearance on social media. People were shocked to see her so……not “Kady.”

And from the video above, you see what we mean.

**☹️ We used to watch you go to school and eat Red Vines.**

Who are we kidding? Parker Posey is hot, and she knows and owns it. Fully.


To speak a little more about her career, Parker actually comes from an acting household.

According to Healthy Celeb, her mother is actress Heather Stone.

Photo of Parker McKenna Posey with her mother, Heather Stone.

Of course, you see where the Italian and Irish comes from, as mentioned above. Her father, Polo Posey, is where she gets her melanin. 🙌🏾

The source also notes other family members — specifically siblings — as follows:

  • Jewel Posey (older sister)
  • Carl Posey (older brother)
  • Jake Posey (younger half-brother)
  • Dilynne (older half-sister)
  • and Khari (older half-brother).

All in all, you can’t deny that Parker McKenna Posey is one beautifully grown woman now.

And she’s still acting, contrary to popular belief.

Currently, according to Internet Movie Database (IMDb), she’s working on a film called “Conundrum,” with Jo Marie Payton. If you don’t recognize the name, she was the mother on “Family Matters.”

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[Featured Photo via Twitter]

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