Outrage After White Teacher’s “Racist Comment” To 8-Year Old Student

Posted On : 10/31/2018

All Nassaun Jones wanted was a little help with his artwork. But his teacher at West Middle Island Elementary School made him feel completely confused and hurt. 

His Grandmother Wants The Teacher Fired


Last Monday, fourth grader Nassaun Jones was in art class drawing a self-portrait. When it came to the nose, the little boy had trouble sketching it. When he asked his art teacher, John Johnson, to help him – he happily obliged. But when Nassaun saw the picture he was taken aback. 

“He drew my nose really big, and I asked him ‘Why did you draw my nose really big?’ and then he said ‘all African-Americans have big noses,’” Jones tearfully told News12.

Roberta Williams, Jones’ grandmother, was shocked when her grandson told her what happened in class. She is now demanding that the Mr Johnson be fired.

Nassaun Says He’s Afraid To Go Back To Class

After comforting her tearful grandson, Roberta Williams called Mr Johnson the next day for an explanation and an apology.

But all the art teacher would tell her is that her grandson “misunderstood” what he meant. Taking up for the hurt little boy, Williams replied, “No, I don’t think he misunderstood you at all.”

The angry grandmother is now insisting Johnson be fired from his job. She said, “We just want this teacher removed from the school. He shouldn’t be teaching any kids.”

Little Nassaun is deeply troubled by his teacher’s offhand comments. He says he is afraid to go back in his art class. Telling News12 he simply “doesn’t know what’s going to happen.”

Meanwhile, the school superintendent issued a statement saying, “Longwood Central School District Central Administration is looking into the matter and trust that any miscommunication or offense taken by the family from a staff member will be remedied through further communication.”

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