[Video] Orlando Jones BEYOND Pissed And Goes Off Like You’ve Never Heard Before!

Posted On : 06/06/2017

We all know Orlando Jones to be a funny man and comedian. However, this is a Jones you’ve probably never seen before. He…is…pissed!

“I don’t give a F**K what you think about my Blackness!” exclaims Orlando Jones.

Orlando’s reaction comes as a result to backlash regarding his Bill Maher comments.

Recently, Maher has come under criticism for using the N-word on his platform.

Since then, people have labeled him a racist. However, Jones says Bill simply made a bad choice of words, but it wasn’t a “racist” joke — in comparison to all the other stuff Maher has said in the past.

‘I ain’t never not never’…

Orlando became so pissed at the backlash he’s received that he posted a video response. In his address, you see a different side to the comedian people enjoy.

According to Jones, Bill Maher has said plenty of things people could be deemed “racist,” but due to “new rules,” he has been allowed a pass.

Yet, now that Bill’s dropped the N-word, people act like they’re up-in-arms with outrage. And, Orlando’s tired of it.

“I call BULLS**T!…Hell, Bill Clinton passed the ‘three strikes’ law that put more Black people in jail and destroyed more Black families than Bill Maher has ever said. And, Black people called him ‘The First Black President.’ Huh?? What???”

If you’re interested, you can watch his response in entirety below.

WARNING: The following video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

As you see, he welcomes anyone to try him — calling himself “Trollando.”

Orlando Jones says he doesn’t need someone to specifically say the N-word to know he or she is a racist individual. Actions speak louder than words, right?

According to Jones, it shouldn’t have taken Maher saying the N-word to invoke this outrage — IF the outrage was actually genuine.

So, how do you feel about Bill Maher’s comment? What do you feel regarding Orlando Jones’ perspective and response? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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