What??? Here’s How Olympic Runner Failed Drug Test After Kissing His Girlfriend

Posted On : 07/15/2017
Olympic winner Gil Roberts centered

Tainted Kisses

Gold medalist and 2016 summer Olympics winner Gil Roberts, prevailed in showing proof that how kissing his girlfriend was the sole reason behind his failed drug test in March, according to information posted on bleacherreport.

According to the source, an arbitrator’s ruling decided that Roberts “met his burden of proof” in establishing that kissing his girlfriend compromised his drug test results.

Friday, Scooby Axson, of Sports Illustrated, stated that the athlete said when referencing his interactions with his girlfriend, he “frequently and passionately” kissed her days prior to taking his drug test. He also stated that Roberts girlfriend, had taken medication for a sinus infection which caused the failed drug test. Roberts was cleared of any wrongdoings, as posted by the source.

Gil Roberts

Testing Details

Reportedly, Roberts had allegedly tested positive for probenecid according to Johanna Gretschel, of FloTrack. According to information posted by the source, probenecid can potentially be used as a masking agent for steroids in addition to other performance-enhancing substances. The source also noted that probenecid, can be found in  Moxylong, which is the medicine that his girlfriend Alex Salazar, had taken during a trip to India.

Roberts had a “low concentration” of the drug in his system according to Robert’s expert witness Dr. Pascal Kintz, during his arbitration. The drug would not provide masking effects as a final ruling according to the source.

Gil Roberts centered

Winning Team

Reportedly, Gil Roberts, 28, teamed up with Tony McQuay, LaShawn Merritt and Arman Hall during last year’s Summer Games to bring home the gold in the 4×400-meter relay. That win was Roberts first medal during his professional Olympic career. Now that Roberts has proven his case as to why he failed a drug test, he is now eligible to participate in August in the IAAF World Championships. Roberts qualified for the event during last month’s USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships while he awaited his hearing as posted by the source.

Roberts is not the first to be cleared of cases such as this. According to Washingtonpost, Richard Gasquet, a French tennis pro, was cleared back in 2009, for having cocaine in his system after kissing a woman at a nightclub, which left a trace amount of the drug in his system.

Shawn Barber, a Canadian pole vaulter, was another cleared case after he failed a doping test for cocaine and then proved that he accidentally ingested small amounts of the drug after he kissed a hired escort that he purchased the prior night.

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