Oklahoma Community Rallies To Buy Walmart Greeter Who Walks To Work A Car For Christmas

Posted On : 12/27/2017

When Walmart shoppers in Muskogee, Okla., found out that their beloved door greeter “Miss Yolanda” walked to and from work in all kinds of weather, they came together to do something about it. In a two-week period, they found a car from an anonymous donor and they raised the money to get it ready to give to Yolanda Crawford just in time for Christmas. Needless to say, she was elated.

“I’m very excited because I never thought this would ever happen for me and it did,” Crawford told KJRH 2 News. “The community loves me and they appreciate me for saying, ‘welcome to Walmart’ to them as they come in and out of Walmart and I appreciate them as well.”

And Crawford is right. Several regular shoppers were moved to help her because she has such a big personality, a positive attitude, and a welcoming spirit. It takes Crawford around 15 minutes each way by foot and they just wanted to make her life a bit easier. When Crawford accepting the Christmas surprise, she was reduced to tears of joy.

“She’s loud and you know when Miss Yolanda is there and she is such a joy,” fundraiser and resident Barbara Chadwell said. “Everyone is just rooting for her and everyone loves her.”

Scott Yandell is also a fan of Crawford’s. He told the news outlet that the donors have chipped in to pay for the first six months of her car insurance, title fees, registration fees, and even bought a new set of tires for the white 2014 Nissan Versa.┬áThis Muskogee resident and Walmart patron is convinced that the community has done a good deed here.

“What better way to celebrate by giving someone a new car for Christmas,” Yandell said.

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Posted by Scott Yandell on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Crawford has acquired a learner’s permit and will soon have her driver’s license. Considering the frigid temperatures typical of Oklahoma winters, the gift of transportation will just keep on giving. If nothing else, it will make life a little bit easier for Yolanda Crawford so that she can keep spreading joy every day that she goes to work at Walmart and beyond.

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