Officer Goes Crazy On Nurse — America’s Understanding Why We Yell ‘Police Brutality’

Posted On : 09/02/2017

This officer was out for blood, and it didn’t matter from whom it came. Here’s the whole story.

UNIVERSITY OF UTAH MEDICAL CENTER, SALT LAKE CITY — By now, you’ve probably seen the video of the crazed officer who arrested a nurse after she refused to surrender a patient’s blood sample — due to failure of protocol on the officer’s part.

And of course, he’s been placed on paid leave pending investigation.

This nurse’s name is Alex Wubbels, according to NBC News.

As seen from the video, Wubbels was on the phone with her superior while Jeff Payne — the arresting officer — stood by answering questions asked by the nurse’s boss. The source reports as follows.

“Payne then suddenly snapped. ‘No, we’re done,’ he said. ‘You’re under arrest, we’re going!’ He was then seen yanking her arms behind her and cuffing her wrists before hauling her to the back of the patrol car. ‘Please sir, you’re hurting me,’ Wubbels said. ‘Then walk,’ Payne responded.”

You can watch the scene for yourself below.

WARNING: The following videos contain sensitive material. Viewer discretion is advised.

Here’s another angle from Payne’s body camera…

You can clearly hear the officer admit they have no probable cause, warrant, or any other credentials needed for his request — such as, intent to arrest the patient.

According to the source, Alex Wubbels mentioned that the other officers who stood by and allowed Payne to treat her so uncivilized hurt worse than the actual arrest.

“I was being bullied and nobody was willing to speak up for me. That is one of the main points of this whole issue.”

The source notes that Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski reached out to Wubbels to offer a personal apology. The mayor also tweeted an apology on her behalf.

Likewise, in that same statement, police chief Mike Brown offered an apology to Alex Wubbels and the people of Utah regarding the incident.

This is an ever evolving situation, and we will do what is necessary to fully investigate the issue, uphold the integrity of the Salt Lake City Police Department, and strengthen the trust with our community,” Salt Lake City police chief Mike Brown said in the statement.

However, neither arresting officer Jeff Payne nor his supervisor have apologized for the incident.

In fact, here’s the interesting thing about his supervisor…

According to Payne — as reports The Blaze — his superior is the one who told him to arrest Wubbels if she didn’t comply and attempted to “interfere” with the request.

As you could hear in the video, Payne was arresting Wubbels because — even while he disregarded the warning from her boss via speakerphone — she was the one standing in his way.

So, by that merit alone — regardless of what Payne’s supervisor told him — Payne should be held fully-accountable for his actions as well, because he chose to illegally arrest her and act irrationally…just as she chose to legally do her job and abide by law.

Payne is the one who acted in a criminal manner, not Wubbels.

Luckily, she wasn’t charged with a crime for the July 26 incident.

She says that what happened to her “was not peaceful. This was not even civil.

***Mind you, Wubbels is a former gold-winning Olympian.***

Who was the patient?…

According to the source, the patient at the center of it all was an injured truck driver. The man was admitted to the hospital after his vehicle collided with another driver who was fleeing police. The source reports as follows.

“The truck driver was badly burned and comatose and police were seeking his blood to determine whether he had illicit substances in his system at the time of the crash, according to a written report obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune.”

The Washington Post states that Salt Lake City police were trying to paint the scenario in their favor by saying they were attempting to draw blood in order to help the truck driver and show his innocence.

In order to maintain confidentiality, the driver’s name hasn’t been released. However, the driver who was fleeing police died in the collision.

Calling … bull … s**t.

NBC News says the full version of the video is approximately 19 minutes long.

All in all, if you will, let us know your thoughts about this whole situation. It seems that more of white America is beginning to see what we’ve been saying about police brutality in this country.

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