[Video] President Obama Reports For Jury Duty, And People Could Barely Contain Themselves

Posted On : 11/08/2017

COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS — It’s so obvious that several people of all ethnicities and backgrounds are missing President Barack Obama.


In a previous Black Loop article, it was reported that President Obama was summoned last month to appear for jury duty on November 8. While he’s definitely eligible for a pardon, Obama chose to honor the summons. He even called it his civic duty as an American.

It appears that a few jurors were ready for Obama’s arrival at the Daley Center and came prepared with copies of his book — The Audacity of Hope — for him to sign.

According to Chicago Tribune, 48-year-old Kelly Bulik said meeting Barack Obama and shaking his hand was like a “piece of melting butter.”

Juror Thomas Pearson was able to get President Obama on video as he walked into the waiting area.

Obama, showing endless class, spoke to everyone in the room and even shook several hands.

If you’re interested, you can check out the video below.

Of course, nearly everybody was trying to get him on video at some point.

***If you’d like other coverage of the story, you can check out CBS Chicago‘s video as well.***

According to the Tribune, Chief Judge Timothy Evans was just as excited to see President Obama walking through the doors. He mentioned, “I don’t know of anybody who receives a summons from me and says, ‘Oh great, I get to serve jury duty.’

But, that’s Barack Obama for you.


A year ago today, America received the dreadful news of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election — however it was obtained. While it’s only been a year, Trump’s scandals are already enough to cover the span of two whole terms.

It seems that the only thing better than Trump’s hopeful impeachment is if Obama were to re-enter office.

Yet, from an understanding of the Constitution, that ship has passed.

***Then again, according to the Constitution, Donald Trump should’ve LONG been impeached by now. So, maybe anything is possible.***

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