Nurse, 58, Rents Room To ‘Friendly’ Coworker — Then Suddenly Stops Showing Up For Work

Posted On : 07/24/2018

Nurse, 58, Rents Room To 'Friendly' Coworker — Then Suddenly Stops Showing Up For Work

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Co-workers become concerned when a faithful colleague misses several shifts without notice. Unfortunately, authorities find her in the worst condition.

According to CBS New York, local officers conducted a wellness check around 6:45 a.m., Saturday, July 21, at the apartment unit of 58-year-old Kyimar Thein. It was located on Lenox Road near Nostrand Avenue.

The source reports neighbor Rodney White as follows.

“Her sister was trying to contact her for several days. She came up and she was able to contact I think the landlord, and they got a locksmith to open the door and go inside and found a very sad situation.”


CBS New York states “kind and helpful” Thein had recently sublet a room in her apartment to a younger co-worker and her boyfriend.

They worked approximately a block away from the apartment at SUNY Downstate Medical Center — Thein, since 2006, mostly working overnights — according to Dawn S. Walker, Associate Vice President of Communications & Marketing for the hospital.

So it wasn’t like her to miss work, especially without calling. That’s when other colleagues became concerned with the situation.

Moreover, when interviewed, neighbors recalled there possibly being issues among the trio at times, specifically due to the boyfriend.

The source reports that one of the neighbors didn’t want to reveal her identity, but spoke of the aforementioned issues.

“I think there were some problems with the boyfriend. So that might’ve been an issue along with the girlfriend.”


CBS New York reports, during a welfare check, authorities found Kyimar Thein stuffed in her closet — wrapped in a blanket. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

For now, the medical examiner doesn’t have a clear cause of death, but the murder investigation is underway. The source says it’s unclear how long she had been deceased prior to discovery.

“She didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve it,” White says. “We’re just stunned.”

“It’s very sad that this situation happened. We’re stunned, the whole neighborhood is stunned. She’s very peaceful and a good woman.”

Likewise, neighbor Noreen Peters describes Thein as “someone that keeps to herself, very friendly, will say hi.”

According to authorities, the man and woman to whom Thein was subletting have not been seen in the area since the body was discovered. Police have their identities and are searching for them as prime suspects.

The aforementioned neighbor who didn’t want to be identified says she might’ve been one of the last people to see her on Tuesday night, July 17.

“We walked in the building, she said she was tired. She was going to sleep… She went her way, I went my way.”

It’s all very disheartening. Although sometimes you try to assist people in their times of need, it’s apparent that everyone isn’t worth the ground he or she walks on.

If you’re interested in local coverage, check the video below.

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