Excellence! This Man Might Be Responsible For The First Flying/Floating/Driving Car!

Posted On : 04/07/2017

They call him the “wonderboy of Lagos.” And, you’re about to see why. Of course, civilization has always contributed from Black excellence. Seems like we might usher in the next wave of automotive ingenuity.

LAGOS, NIGERIA — Nigeria is home to some of Africa’s most wealthy people.


But, you’re probably are used to seeing rundown and tattered images of the country, right?


Well, like its wealth, riches in intelligence don’t come short either. Meet Kehinde Durojaiye — or “Kenny Jet,” as locals call him.

Kehinde Durojaiye

This man may be responsible for the mechanics behind the world’s first land/sea/air automobile in the future.

Right now, it already runs effectively on both land and water. It’s fully amphibious — well, above water anyway.

flying car I

Wild, right? He notes as follows.

“I tested it in the sea and a lot of people were surprised it can move on the land and sea. That’s one of those things that amazes people…We want the whole world to know it is possible to have a kind of machine that can move on land, on sea and fly and perhaps move under the sea. That’s my ultimate goal.”

According to CNN, so far, the longest distance he has traveled in the vehicle is approximately 84 miles. However, it’s able to reach speeds exceeding 70 mph.

flying car V

People are generally surprised to see his vehicle work so well. The source notes that Toyotas and Hyundais are everywhere in Lago. And, right now, the car’s design is quite … … different.

While Kehinde Durojaiye has had his share of difficulties with the invention in the past, slowly and surely, he’s pushing forward and believes he’ll make it happen in his lifetime.

Durojaiye is 46 years of age. Yet, he’s been an inventor since childhood, according to CNN. And, it doesn’t look like that’ll stop until he’s achieved his goals.


Once the mechanics and concepts are worked out, he can focus on the “design.”

Won’t this be amazing, if 50 years into the future, we’re telling our kids that Kehinde Durojaiye — a Black genius — is responsible for our flying cars?


Of course, there are a gang of naysayers ridiculing him.

Mark Ginsel notes as follows.

“We used to do this stuff as kids. Then we grew up and learned about this thing called science.”

Let’s not forget that Durojaiye created this WITHOUT funding, you condescendingly ignorant f***s.

… …(breathes)

Amid his comment, “FreiNrg” goes on to mention the following statements about the technological retardation of African people.

“Africans have always been 2,000-5,000 years behind European level technology. Oddly the number of years they’re behind us rose from 2,000 to 5,000 the close we came to 1900 Don’t expect them to come to our level of science and engineering, ever. If the European people and Asians died out tomorrow, the world would technologically regress back to the iron age at best. Earth would never become a space faring planet, unless dolphins or octopuses came out onto land, and then it may take another 5 million years or so for Earth to become a space faring planet under the control of evolved Dolphins or Octopuses.”

Oh … he must mean how NASA couldn’t safely get astronauts to space without the help of “African” Americans doing all the calculations?

Bruh .. … …. I need someone’s inhaler to help catch my breath.

This is the kind of stupidity and blatant disacknowledgement African advancement has always faced.

Yet, when they dig up the past, it’s always “Black.” And after being shocked to their core, they remodel it as “European.”

You know…knock off the noses of statues … manually “erode” the lips … “touch up the paint” on hieroglyphics, conveniently making the figures far more “white” than originally depicted … rewrite history books … etc.


Funny how “natural erosion” seems to have quite the prejudice against noses…


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