If You Come Across These Pics Of Nicki Minaj, Don’t Believe The Hype

Posted On : 03/01/2017

The world is awaiting Nicki Minaj’s comeback to Remy Ma’s devastating diss. In the meantime, photos have surfaced that may or may not support “butt” claims.

— Miami Beach, Florida

Even though Remy took a colossal blow at Nicki Minaj, she appears unbothered and focused on her money.

While shooting a music video with Future for their new song, snapshots of Minaj’s revealing wardrobe hit the Internet with lightspeed.

However, there are a sect of photos from the shoot that seem to garner a skeptic view.

To the untrained eye — and without performing due research — you could easily believe these photos, given the lyrical disaster Remy Ma laid on Nicki regarding her butt flop.

As it turns out, the above pics have been seriously modified to look as if Minaj’s butt has deflated and is ridiculously sagging.

But, come on. With all the money she has, do you really think she’d come out looking a hot mess like that?

And, if Nicki’s butt did flop as Remy suggested, she didn’t waste time getting it fixed.

The real photos from the video shoot are located below.

Nicki Minaj video shoot with Future VI

What looks like the cuff of Nicki’s right cheek is actually the chain accessory she’s wearing around her thigh. Future’s hand is at her actual cheek.

Nicki Minaj video shoot with Future III

Still looks tip-top to me…

Nicki Minaj video shoot with Future II

If it flopped or popped, it’s definitely back to usual Nicki status.

Nicki Minaj video shoot with Future IV

Looks like Future agrees.

Nicki Minaj video shoot with Future V


Nicki Minaj video shoot with Future I

So, yeah. Nicki’s doing just fine, it seems.

Maybe this is one of those situations where she’s going to choose to disengage the nonsense and is taking a page from Drake’s playbook.

Drizzy Didn’t Entertain the Desperation

If you remember, not too long ago, Joe Budden was coming at Drake’s head way hard. I mean, he was coming back-to-back with the disses. No pun intended.

There’s no way Drake can stand toe-to-toe with a lyricist such as Budden.

So, what did he do? He focused on the money to let his success speak for him. You see how Drake’s album broke all records.

And given Nicki Minaj’s net worth, contrast to Remy Ma’s, that looks to be her stance on the matter.

Yet, all in all, what are your thoughts regarding Nicki’s diss? Will she respond, or is her continued success “the response”? Feel free to let us know via Facebook.

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