NFL Player’s Side Chick Blasts His Wife On Social Media, Posts Suspect Screenshots

Posted On : 10/11/2018

Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer is at the center of a major love triangle that’s led to his wife, Rachel, being put on blast via social media. As expected, Rachel wasn’t too pleased when she found out her husband was reportedly seeing a University at Buffalo student named Summer Rae. So when she and Summer bumped heads, things got pretty ugly and their argument escalated to Rachel threatening to beat Summer up. Now the whole run-down has been posted on Instagram and screenshots have goin’ viral.

Instagram Drama:

According to Busted Coverage, on Monday, Oct. 10, the frustrated college student took to Instagram with a series of petty posts blasting Rachel for name-callin’ and threats. Apparently, the two had a heated exchange via text message and it doesn’t look like Rachel is playin’ with Summer at all. However, Summer claims she’s been “lied to” and harassed. She turned to social media to clear her name, claiming she wanted to share what she considers her side of the story.

“After 4 months of being harassed/lied to I finally grew a pair and am sticking up for myself … hoping this will all end sooner rather than later,” Rae posted to her Instagram story. “I’m trying to be the bigger person here … for all my friends that know the real story and what I’ve been through with this I appreciate you .. you can only take so much before it starts to affect you, & I’m sorry I’ve hit my breaking point.”

Summer also shared multiple screenshots of messages she’d received from Rachel. The infuriated wife called Summer a “h**” and threatened to “have everyone beat your a**.”

Check out the screenshots:

Over Before It Started?:

Jordan and Rachel haven’t been married a year and, already, infidelity is in the air. According to BET, back in July, Jordan took to Twitter with a cryptic tweet apologizing to his wife. The questionable post definitely had fans wondering if his marriage was already in shambles. Although he didn’t reveal what his mistake was, the latest reports may suggest he was apologizing for the affair with Summer.

At the time, he tweeted, “In life we all make mistakes. Best thing to do is learn from them and to not make the same mistake twice. Letting down the ppl that mean the most to me sucks … I’m sorry @Rachel_Bush I love you to death .. can’t wait for us to grow stronger,” he wrote.

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Despite whatever mistake he made at the time, it looks like they’re still goin’ strong. To Jordan’s apology tweet, Rachel responded admitting she hasn’t been perfect either. But now that they’re married, she’s not here for the excuses.

“I want to make clear that I am no angel either and did things that could’ve pushed him to that point … Before we were married but no excuse on either end. Two wrongs most certainly do not make a right.”

At this point, Summer’s motive for posting the messages still seems unclear. Presumably because of the attention she’s garnered, Summer has removed her post from Instagram but, of course, screenshots are forever. Now, lots of people are flockin’ to her page to ask about Jordan, but she has yet to confirm or deny the rumors about the alleged affair.

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