Mom Charged With Murder After Newborn Dies Of Lethal Meth Dosage

Posted On : 05/13/2017

Unfortunately, this 11-day-old infant isn’t able to grow and enjoy life. With extreme amounts of methamphetamine coursing through her system, she dies at her mother’s hand.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA — Authorities don’t know how this incident happened. Infant Eliana Mikayla Rice didn’t survive two weeks before the mother, 31-year-old Michelle Rice, ended her life.

On March 29, paramedics were called to Rice’s home. According to Vice, Edmonton police spokesman Scott Pattison says the little infant girl was pronounced dead shortly after they arrived to the scene.

The baby’s autopsy revealed she had experienced “a lethal dose of methamphetamine in her body.” Examiners determined that this was the actual cause of death.

But how?…

You would think the baby got it into her system through the woman’s breast milk, right?

Not exactly.

According to the source, the police spokesperson says the infant could not have received such a lethal dose of meth via breast milk.

“There are two ways the baby could have ingested the methamphetamine — either anally or orally.”

How and why??…

Well, while it hasn’t been determined why the mother gave the child meth, it’s possible the infant was going through Neonatal abstinence syndrome.

For instance, if the mother was a meth user during pregnancy, especially during the last week, she could’ve passed it on to her infant through the placenta, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

So, IF this was the case, it’s probable the child was experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

As a temporary treatment, maybe the mother attempted to alleviate some of the symptoms.

The Atlantic reports, “It can be a painful way to enter the world, abruptly cut off from the drug in the mother’s system.”

While under medical care, if the baby’s symptoms were to become too severe, doctors would actually give the child drugs as treatment. The source notes as follows.

“The idea is to give the the baby just enough [meth] to reduce their symptoms, and then slowly, over days or weeks, decrease that dose to zero.”


If the mother tried this and miscalculated the dosage, she very well could’ve delivered a lethal dosage, as aforementioned.


On Thursday, authorities charged Michelle Rice with second-degree murder for the death of her daughter.

Seemingly unaware, neighbors were shocked at the news. According to CBC News, neighbors had no idea she had a drug problem at all.

… …yeah.

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