Netflix Receipts Released — Mo’Nique’s Possible Lose-Lose Situation After What She Did

Posted On : 02/03/2018

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Although Mo’Nique has proven she was telling the truth about only being offered $500,000, she might’ve just cost her career in the process.

If you know anything about the entertainment industry — for the longest time — it’s been “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Yet, in a valiant pursuit of truth, honesty, and vindication, Mo’Nique — a couple of days ago — released screenshots of the email correspondence between her and Netflix in order to uphold her credibility.

I Love Old School Music reports as follows.

“On Wednesday, January 31, Mo’Nique took to Instagram with a screenshot of an email between her and Netflix executives. Despite the $3 million claims, Mo’Nique’s email shows a breakdown of the costs the network was willing to spend on her Original Comedy Special.”

Mind you, after viewing the email, Netflix was dead-a** wrong for their terms. You can read them for yourself below.


Nevertheless, the thing about people is — even if you show them valid proof — they’ll always find something else on which to refocus blame.

And, that’s exactly what happened after Mo’Nique risked it all to show the people she wasn’t lying. After seeing it, they bounced back like the following tweet.

But a worse part about it, in the email, line 10 states, “All terms confidential to the parties.

Unfortunately for Mo’Nique, that potentially places her in a lose-lose situation.

  1. She’s taking a public “L” simply because she’s being offered so much lower than other Netflix comedians with huge, headlining names.
  2. By exposing Netflix via email screenshots, Mo’Nique has breached the confidential terms of their correspondence and possibly shot herself in the foot when it comes to future work. Potential employers, shady or not, might look at her actions as those uncooperative with what they’re looking for in an acting hire. Not saying it’s right. But, that’s the entertainment industry.
  3. Even though she’s vindicated her name in that situation, she’ll still take a public “L” if potential employers are now unwilling to work with her.

So, she tells and shows the truth, and she loses. She sits there and takes it, she loses. It’s a horrible reality.


Like Mo’Nique mentioned during her interview with Sway, as a Black woman with so many accolades in her acting history, her acceptance could’ve paved the way for Netflix and other venues to continually lowball other Black, female comedians.

In case you missed it, the video is below.

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[Featured Photo via @ThoseNerds / Twitter]

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