1 Day After Missing 11 Yr Old Found, Family Stunned As Accused Killer Revealed

Posted On : 07/16/2017
Andreas Erazo, 18, accused of killing 11 year old AbbieGail Smith.

Lurking Nearby

AbbieGail Smith, 11, went missing from her family’s apartment located in New Jersey on Wednesday and she was last seen  by them around 7:45 p.m. Abbie (the name her family calls her) was noticed missing by her family something around 8:50 p.m. and called authorities. Law officials found the young girls remains behind the family home on Thursday, around 10:45 a.m..

At the time there were no suspects or anyone people questioned for the disappearance of the young girl. Police were asking for the publics help in locating a suspect as posted on CrimeWatchDaily.


Authorities have located a teenager connected in the disappearance of 11 year old AbbieGail.  Authorities have arrested and charged 18 year old Andreas Erazo, with the stabbing murder of 11 year old AbbieGail Smith, according to information posted on NJ.

Andreas Erazo, 18.

Angered Soul

People familiar with and knows Erazo and his family, state that the 18 year old  “literally had demons” and was known to have issues with anger and lashing out. Reportedly Andreas Erazo, was booked and charged with murder on Thursday, hours after police found AbbieGail Smith’s remains behind the apartment complex where she and her family lived.

Erazo, will have a hearing on Wednesday, and is being held in a detention center until he is due in court, as posted by the source.   Bobby Burdick who states that she is a close friend of Erazo, alleges that Erazo, has threatened violence and is easily angered:

“He literally had demons he was fighting,” Burdick, who met Erazo through a mutual friend while he was attending Middletown High School, told NJ Advance Media.

According to the source, the pair attended a high school dance together. Burdick, who wore a short dress to the event explained that Erazo became angered and yelled at her in front of a group of friends, until she left and changed. Erazo thought her dress was too short. Burdick also described Erazo to become  “another person” when he was angered and would throw things at the wall at times:

“Every time he did get mad, I would walk away,” she said. “Say we were fighting and he was like, ‘Say one more thing and I’m going to hit you.'”

As posted by the source.

AbbieGail Smith’s mother

My Only Daughter

 AbbieGail’s mother, who is devastated about the death of her daughter, attended Erazo’s first court appearance. “You killed my daughter. I hope you rot in Jail. My one and only daughter,” as posted by the source. Burdick stated that Erazo, is a solid 6 foot 1 inch man, contrast to AbbieGail, who was 4 feet tall and 85 pounds. “I can’t even imagine what [AbbieGail’s family] is going through,” Burdick said.

Mark Medich, an alleged childhood close friend stated:

“I was waiting to see who the scumbag was and I was baffled to see it was him,” Medich said. “It’s weird growing up with someone who would do something like this.”

There was no details as to why Erazo decided to kill young AbbieGail, but we are certain the truth will come out soon. Rest In Peace precious Abbie.

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