The Mowry’s Get Backlash Over Their Gorgeous Dark Skin Mom

Posted On : 09/15/2017

Famous Mowry siblings- Tia, Tamera, and Tahj (they also have a younger brother, Tavior, who’s a college football player)- have the same set of parents who are still happily together to this day. We’ve watched the Mowry trio grow up in front of our eyes, but throughout the years, very little was known about their parents, except that one is Black and one is White.

Originally published Nov 5, 2016 @ 13:28

Flack On Social Media

Well now we wanna show you all pics of their parents. Their Mom is an absolutely gorgeous woman with chocolate skin, but that’s part of the reason why the Mowry kids get some flack on social media…

The backlash they’ve caught over race has even brought them to tears on national TV at times. See the family and the backlash here.

Meet The Mowrys!

Here is the happy Mowry fam.’ Their mother, Darlene, started dating their dad, Timothy in high school and they’ve been together ever since.

Happy Birthday sissy!!!! So happy to share this thing called life with you!!!

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Their parents are rarely photographed, especially their mom, but Tamera says there’s a reason for that, which we’ll get to in a minute.



Overall, the Mowry family is a very tight-knit bunch, but they sometimes have to fight external backlash over race, racial identity and issues about their Mom…see why.

Tamera Claps Back At Social Media Haters

Although the Mowry kids are Black and White, they oftentimes catch flack for their perceived lack of embracing their Mom’s DNA. In particular, Tia (pictured above with her husband) has been the most vocal about the backlash because it seems as though she’s caught the most of it online as of late:

– Tia was called out for only posting her White Dad (pictured below) on Instagram, but not her Mother. Source





Tia cried uncontrollably on Oprah’s ‘Where Are They Now’ over the many negative comments she receives for ‘not being Black enough’ or not being ‘as Black as her sister, Tia’ for marrying and having a child with Fox News reporter, Adam Housley, while Tia married and has a child with African American actor, Corey Hardict. This is hard to watch:

Tamera: “I get called ‘white man’s whore’… […] My mom is a beautiful black woman and my dad is an amazing white man, and I grew up seeing a family. I didn’t grow up saying, ‘Oh, that’s a white man.’ They say, ‘Oh, Tia’s a true black woman because she married a black man…[…]’Oh, I’m less of a black person because I married white?”


Now although here on TBL, we’re very pro-black, in the sense of empowering and loving who we are. But we are not “anti-white” or any other against any other race. That’s just ignorant. As black people we are STILL recovering from hundreds of years for racial injustices, both physical and psychological. We want to believe that the “hate” that the Mowry family received from black people is directly linked to black people trying to show self love or a collective love.  We’re still healing, and a work in progress.


The Other Mowry Sibling


Meet the University of California football player, Tavior Mowry. He too, flies under the radar, but we did manage to locate this pic of him chillin’ with his big brother, Tahj, and his nephew (Tamera’s son), Aden.

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