Mother’s Children Pay Off Her Mortgage For The Holidays

Posted On : 01/02/2018

SUGARLAND, TEXAS — This mom definitely received a financially freeing gift for the holiday season. Surprise! Your house is paid off.

According to WESH-2 News, Nigisti Asgedom entered her mortgage contract in the late 1980’s when she was pregnant with her youngest child, Shiellan Embaye.

The source notes that she has constantly worked to pay off the home.

Mother's Children Pay Off Her Mortgage For The Holidays I
Nigisti Asgesdom’s house.


WESH-2 states that Embaye decided to help her mother in a big way, approximately eight months ago. She elaborates as follows.

“My brothers and I witnessed my mother go through so much growing up, and what struck me is she never let it get her down. She always had a smile on her face and a strong faith to get her through — day in, day out, and year after year. So of course as a child I always had the dream to be able to give back and take care of her, but for some reason eight months ago it became urgent to make this happen.”

As a goal, she and her brothers wanted to have their mother’s house paid off for Christmas 2017. So, they began pooling their money.

The source says she put up half the amount, herself. Her siblings put up the rest, a cumulative amount of $45,000.


The daughter had to empty her savings, sell her home, as well as move back home along with her two children.

Yet, Embaye says it’s the best money she’s ever spent.

“I wanted her to see that we recognize everything she’s went through and sacrificed to raise us; that we love, honor and respect her. And because she’s taken care of us all these years, now it’s our turn to take care of her!”

This was an amazing gift! It wasn’t just a gift…but a sacrifice. Talk about a season of giving, right?

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