Mother Charged With 1st-Degree Murder After Body Found — She Left Him To Die

Posted On : 09/05/2018

LARGO, FLORIDA — The community’s worst fears have been realized. As the mother’s story grew evermore inconsistent, the toddler’s chances of survival appeared slim to none.

According to WFTS, Charisse Stinson has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the death of her son, Jordan Belliveau.

NOTE: First-degree murder is “premeditated.”

She’s being held without bond at the Pinellas County Jail. Her first scheduled court appearance is September 5.

“Jordan was found dead in the wooded area of Lake Avenue and McMullen Road…on Tuesday afternoon,” the source notes. He was found behind a baseball field at the Largo Sports Complex, Tampa Bay Times details.

In a previous Black Loop report, the Largo community and the surrounding areas were looking for Charisse’s son, after she claimed him missing.

According to her, she was fully cooperating with authorities and “telling them everything she knows.”

Yet, as it seems, that was also inconsistent — given her actual knowledge of the situation. Since the incident occurred, Charisse deleted her Facebook account. Likewise, most inbox screenshots from the previous report have disappeared as well.

In case you’d like to read the original story, The Black Loop’s report is available here.


As many commentators have mentioned, people felt Charisse was upset at her child’s father and physically took that frustration out on Jordan – but went too far.

According to Lieutenant Randall Chaney, Charisse basically fabricated the entire story. Authorities now believe there was neither an “Antwan” nor a white Toyota Camry, as previously reported.

NOTE: With that in mind, commentators were mentioning an intriguingly disturbing — but now probably accurate — viewpoint about Charisse’s description of “Antwan.” Those who commented on the sketch said the drawing actually looked like she was describing herself. Crazy how the mind works, right?

In confession — according to an arrest affidavit, Charisse says she hit Jordan in the face “in a moment of frustration.” The Tampa Bay Times reports that Jordan had a leg injury and during the aforementioned moment, the woman backhanded her son’s face so hard that the back of his head struck a nearby wall inside the apartment.

This caused Jordan to have seizures throughout the night, according to the source. Reportedly, Jordan’s condition further deteriorated on Sunday. That’s when Charisse decided to take Jordan away. The source notes that she took him to the area near Largo Sports Complex and left him there like some stray animal.


Supposedly, there was surveillance footage showing her at a Dunkin Donuts without her child, around 9 p.m. Yet, according to Lieutenant Chaney, Charisse’s story about being in Largo Central Park did happen; but it was after she’d already abandoned Jordan.

When she spoke of waking up to her “shorts down” and a “f**ked up face,” Chaney says her wounds were self-inflicted while in the park — prior to running across the street to the hotel where she called 911. Chaney mentions she was mostly deceptive in her statements during questioning, and investigators found various inconsistencies in her details. Eventually, that wall of lies could no longer hide her enormous crime.

Lieutenant Chaney stated in the following press conference that Charisse didn’t exactly show signs of remorse or guilt concerning her actions or the loss of her child; rather, she was more focused on trying to cover her own tracks.


Well, as the family mentioned during previously reported screenshots, they were attempting to get custody. But according to “Dee Black” (via Facebook), she didn’t want the father’s side of the family to have Jordan. As reported, he was in foster care because she had refused custody of the child, herself.

Yet, online, she made it seem as if she cared so dearly about Jordan, getting him back from foster care, as well as finding him after going “missing.”

NOTE: Interestingly enough, in the screenshots of Dee Black’s conversation, they called Jordan “Jojo Jr.” Dee said “Jojo is the father of Jordan and her unborn.” And lo and behold, her booking footage shows that she’s, indeed, pregnant with another child.

If she didn’t want Jordan, she could’ve surrendered the child to authorities, right?

That would’ve worked prior to her beating him. As Chaney said, her primary concern was covering her own tracks. Since she’d apparently abused Jordan, it’s possible she figured giving the child up wasn’t an option at that time — especially with Jordan’s health plummeting due to her attack.

All in all, this situation should never have happened. Honestly, the system failed Jordan. Did DCF even check whether Charisse provided a safe environment for the 2-year-old? Why would they take him out of foster care and place him back in a dangerous climate with her? Did they even check whether Charisse, herself, was stable?

Mother’s rights,” huh?

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[Featured Photo via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office / Largo Police Department]

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