Shouting ‘We’re Going To See Jesus’, Mother Sets Car On Fire With Her 3 Daughters Inside

Posted On : 04/25/2018

A horrifying incident has stunned a community in Houston, Texas. A mother has been arrested after setting her car on fire with her three daughters inside. Ana Segovia, 31, revved her engine until her car caught fire in a car wash parking lot on Sunday evening.

Segovia’s daughters, ages 9, 11, and 13, were inside and the mother was heard saying in Spanish, ‘We’re going to see Jesus’, ABC 13 reported. 


Earlier in the day before the incident, Segovia updated her Facebook profile picture.

The caption said: ‘God bless you this morning, Well, I’ll make sure the holy spirit touches my life. I love them and I fell joy in the name of Jesus.’  

Brave bystanders quickly intervened after set the fire and the 31-year-old mother fled on foot with her daughters.

Witnesses also heard the woman shout, ‘Let’s go to heaven’, after she revved the engine and it caught fire. 

Around twenty people were in the car wash when the Segovia set her car on fire. 

Segovia eventually abandoned her 11-year-old and 13-year-old and fled the scene.

But she continued to drag her youngest daughter with her towards a bayou nearby. 

She then tripped and fell over before officers caught up and arrested her.

None of the daughters were hurt during the incident, according to police. 

Segovia is now facing three charges of aggravated assault of a family member after her attempt to burn alive her daughters in her vehicle.  

Let’s hope this mother also gets the help that she needs.

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