Mother Arrested And Charged For Killing 2 Children After SUV Rolled Into Creek

Posted On : 03/13/2019

Mother Arrested And Charged For Killing 2 Children After SUV Rolled Into Creek

Sadly two innocent children passed away last Saturday after their mother’s negligent act led them to their death in Alabama. A young mother, 25 year-old Jenea Payne, was charged and arrest after two of her children died in her SUV. The mother left her children unattended in her Nissan Pathfinder on March 9, 2019 while her three children waited for her in the car. According to Ebony, Jenea made a quick stop at a local convenient store called “Stop N’ Shop” and left one child out of their car seat. Her children were 4-year-old Steve Smith, 2-year-old Raelynn Johnson, and 1-year-old Rasheed Johnson Jr. Unfortunately, while the mother decided to stop at a Western Mississippi convenience store, only two of her three children were properly secured in their car seats.

When Jenea Payne returned to her SUV, the vehicle managed to roll into a creek across the street from the store. With her children still rapped inside and unaware of how the car shifted gears, other by-standers near by jumped in to try to help. Ebony reported that one of the rescuers were able to retrieve a “glass breaker” and rescued 2-year-old Raelynn Johnson from the car. The Leland Police Department and Assistant Chief Marcus Davis made a public statement regarding the tragic incident that resulted in two lives being lost.

Assistant Chief Marcus Davis described what happened and said, “As the vehicle floated down the creek, these individuals ended up only being able to rescue one of the three kids before having to swim to safety. The vehicle then drifted further down into the creek. Leland volunteer firefighters probed the creek attempting to find the vehicle, when a rescue dive team arrived and entered the water.” While they were luckily able to rescue Payne’s daughter from the SUV, the bodies of the two boys remained in the vehicle and were pronounced dead at the scene. The Leland Assistant Chief Marcus Davis told the television outlet that somehow the kids managed to move the vehicle, especially once Payne confirmed that one of her children was not in a car seat. He concluded the interview by stating, “Whatever the kids did, it ended up the vehicle being in the creek”.

According to CNN, this young mother was then charged with two counts of manslaughter and one count of child neglect. Allegedly Payne’s daughter, 2-year-old Raelynn Johnson, is currently in her father’s custody.

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