Mom’s Boyfriend Sexually Assaults Daughter, Mom Beats Her On Facebook Live For It (Video)

Posted On : 06/07/2017

A disturbing video is making its way around Facebook and many social media users are outraged by the mother’s actions. A Richmond, Virginia mother named Larita Cosby has sparked outrage on social media due to a video that’s surfaced of her beating her daughter. While there is a trend of parents sharing their disciplinary tactics on Facebook, Cobsy’s actions are a bit different. Facebook users are absolutely pissed about the reason she chose to beat her daughter.

An Unnecessary Beating:

According to Kissy Denise, Cosby’s 16-year-old daughter confided in her after she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend. But, instead of protecting her daughter from sexual abuse, she decided to reprimand her for speaking out about it. Cosby’s boyfriend denied the allegations, claiming it was her maternal grandmother, Tracy Griffin’s boyfriend who molested the teen.

Larita Cosby

But despite Cosby’s boyfriend admitting the teen did suffer abuse, she was beaten by her mother for allegedly lying about the entire situation. Then to make matters worse, Griffin also called her granddaughter a lie.

Cosby’s grandmother, Tracy Griffin

The person filming made it clear he had no idea who they were but Cosby could be seen holding her daughter by the hair claiming all parents should discipline their children the way she has. When the teen tried to break free from her mother’s strong grip, the situation quickly escalated. Cosby dragged her daughter by the hair as she screamed in agony. For more than two minutes straight, Cosby tugged at her daughter’s hair while punching her in the face with a closed fist. She repeatedly told the child, “Stop hittin’ me n***a,” as bystanders watched.

Check out the video:

Dragged To Hell:

The horrific footage has caught the attention of more than 400,000 viewers and people definitely aren’t happy about it. Cosby and her mother have been dragged straight to hell by Facebook users all over the country. In fact, Cosby has even received death threats from outraged social media users who found the incident extremely disturbing. Both the mother and grandmother have been slammed for simply looking the other way despite both of their boyfriends being accused of sexual assault. Now, Facebook users are even trolling Cosby’s personal page.

Here are some of the comments:

One Facebook said, “And the kicker after the wildebeest fought her daughter and bust up her face, she wants something to wipe off the blood. The surrogate uterus, that is not a mother, and dirty ass grandmother need to be arrested, and beaten – in that order. If your child says she was molested – find out the facts first, don’t bring it onto the streets with your ratchet ass, big floppy tittied, whale back ugly b*tch self. That was hard to watch. I hope that young girl never goes back to that house.”

“How can people stand by and film this without getting help for that young girl. This is despicable and perpetuates rape culture. My heart is broken for her and disgusted by these people standing around,” another said.

The situation has also been reported to the Richmond Police Department and Child Protective Services. According to Reality Wives, CPS is aware of the incident and is currently investigating.

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