6-Yr-Old Comes Home From School Urinating Blood, And The Reason Will Have You Furious

Posted On : 06/08/2018

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Utterly despicable! This student has suffered an encounter no 6-year-old should ever be forced to endure. And, his teachers are taking it lightly.

According to New York Daily, Timir Berkley-Baylor‘s mother — Sharene Savoy — and family are suing the city after her son was repeatedly kicked in his genitals during what Public School 178 classmates call “a game,” as notes Timir’s teachers.

Specifically, “Bang Cock! Thailand!” is reportedly the name of it. The source explains the game: “Kids kick each other in the crotch. If they miss, or their kick is deflected, kids call out ‘Cock Block!'”

Timir, unfortunately, was kicked so many times at school that he urinated blood on May 5.

“My son said the kids in his class have been kicking him in his peanuts and they almost fell off,” Sharene mentioned to the source.

On the next school day, Timir’s mother visited P.S. 178 to talk to administrators about the two students she believed were kicking her son.

According to Sharene, the principal assured that he’d get the two boys’ parents into the school for mediation.

Well on that same day, the bullies kicked Timir in the genitals again, Sharene told the source.


The source says that, days later, Timir’s doctor diagnosed him with microscopic hematuria — blood in the urine — after his condition didn’t show improvement.

So, of course, Sharene headed back to the school to raise this issue with administrators.

And, here’s where things become even more shockingly offensive…

According to the mother, a teacher told her the bullying game was “common.” Sharene elaborated as follows.

“One of the teachers said, ‘Oh, they are playing Bang Cock! Thailand! — That’s a game the kids play here… I was horrified to hear that they were talking about this so lightly.”

But do you think the bullying stopped there?

Reportedly, the very next day, Timir was attacked again. At this point, Sharene was done with P.S. 178’s administration and contacted police.

The source notes that authorities set up a meeting with school officials and the two bullies’ parents. She says only one of the families agreed to attend. However, the meeting was still productive and the kicking stopped.


Yet and still though, Timir’s pain continues.

“My son is traumatized, he doesn’t want to be by himself, everyone at the school took this as a joke,” she said.

When New York Post attempted to contact school principal Joseph Henry via an email seeking comment, he didn’t respond. Sharene says Henry should step down as principal.

Now, she’s about to take the school to court.

Representing her is Sanford Rubenstein — who “expects to file a $5.5 million notice of claim against the Department of Education on Wednesday over the boy’s mistreatment at school,” the source reports.

“Parents have a right to expect that their young children will be safe in school and not end up having to be treated by a urologist,” Rubenstein told the source.

But the audacity of it all…

According to Education Department spokeswoman Miranda Barbot, she says P.S. 178 “handled the matter properly.”

“This troubling incident was immediately and appropriately addressed by the school,” Barbot states. “Disciplinary action was swiftly taken, and the students have been provided with counseling support.”

Ummm. No. It wasn’t, and that’s the issue. Sharene had to allegedly approach the school several times and even get police involved before something was ACTUALLY done about it.

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[Featured Photo via New York Daily News / Twitter]

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