Mom Reports 13-Yr-Old Son ‘Missing’, Police Find Him Secretly Making Money To Buy Her Christmas Present

Posted On : 12/21/2017

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — This heartwarming story is just in time for Christmas. While his family planned to have a simple dinner, he wanted more for his mom.

According to News-4, the young teen’s name is Diauris. He and his family recently moved into a new apartment. So, including the Christmas fund, his mother — Sophia Reed — had exhausted her money.

As aforementioned, the family was prepared to spend Christmas day simply enjoying a dinner together as a family.

However, Reed’s children had a different plan in mind. Instead, they wanted to buy her a Christmas gift.

So, Diauris was chosen to execute the plan. Yet, unbeknownst of her kid’s plan, his mom got worried after Diauris had been missing for a while.

Reed called the police. But torn between letting her brother get in trouble or ruining the surprise, Diauris’ sister — Deneisha — let her call.

I just didn’t want to say anything because it would blow the whole thing,” Deneisha expressed.


The source mentions that Diauris had started sneaking out and collecting cans in an effort to make money to buy the gift.

During an interview with the news source, Diauris stated, “I just wanted to do something for my mama.”

When officers found him, Diauris told them what he was doing.

The young teen’s story touched one officer’s heart, causing him to spread the word around the station.

Reed, the teen’s mother, says there were continual knocks to their door from various policemen and women. The source says as follows.

“Soon, the area under the family’s Christmas tree started being loaded with gifts. Officers had banded together and raised some $800 and also bought the family Christmas and housewarming gifts.”

Diauris and his mother (including the rest of the family) were truly grateful for all the love local officers showed their family.

The young teen even felt like their acts of kindness showed a different narrative than what’s been portrayed in news outlets.

All in all, the Reed family looks like they will enjoy Christmas with gifts after all … LOTS of them!

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