Mom Finds 2-Yr-Old Daughter Frozen To Death On Front Porch — Got Out While Father Was Sleep

Posted On : 02/13/2018

AKRON, OHIO — A father dosed off after working the night shift, only to awaken to tragic news that his daughter slipped pass him into the harsh, northern winter.

According to Rubber City Daily, the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified 2-year-old Wynter Parker who died in early February. She was found outside in the cold, on her family’s front porch.

The source mentions that Parker was found Friday afternoon, February 2, on the 1300 Doty Drive near Faye Road, as mentions a spokesman for the medical examiner’s office.

WSB-2 Atlanta states that Wynter’s mother had only left the house for 2 hours before returning. The temperature at the time was reportedly between 12 to 19 degrees.

According to WKYC-3, Wynter’s mother frantically called 911 to get help with the situation.

The source says dispatchers attempted to talk her through administering CPR to her daughter. This was around 3 p.m.

Eventually, paramedics arrived on-scene and transported her to Akron Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, Wynter succumbed to extreme temperatures and passed.

On record, the cause of death hasn’t yet been determined, but an autopsy was scheduled for Monday, February 12.

For now, the incident remains under investigation. The source reports that investigators also haven’t mentioned how the 2-year-old girl got outside the house.

A few neighbors noted that, often, yelling could be heard from the residence, according to WKYC.

Also, one woman — Christal Lucas — says this isn’t the first time her kids have gotten out. She notes as follows.

“It was a few times where I had to take both of her kids home. It’s just a very sad situation. It literally broke my heart.”

There’s no doubt it’s quite the heartbreaking incident. Truly. Our condolences go out to the family during this time of grief.

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