Mom Drags Grown Son Home From Escalating Police Scene — ‘This Is My Son’

Posted On : 10/21/2018
Mom Drags Grown Son Home From Police Scene — 'This Is My Son' I
Photo via YouTube / screengrab.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — A mother saw police lights down the street from her house, in the direction of her son and immediately ran to the scene…thinking her son was dead.


This mother got to the scene and found her son standing around, perfectly fine — yet, trying to stick around an increasingly volatile situation at Goodwill Village Apartments. And she wasn’t standing for it.

Zero tolerance for it, actually.

As she dragged him from the scene, he protested — seemingly wanting to stay and “hang with the guys.” She spoke at distance with an on-site news crew:

“I just thought he was dead! This is my child. He’s fixing to go home.”

But as he continued showing his a** in public — grown or not — the mother had to let him know what was up.

“I’m your momma! You’re gonna get slapped again if you don’t come on… folks calling me talking about, ‘Your son, something happened to him.’ My heart done dropped!”

Continuing their walk home, she reminded him that he’s not really about that life.

“You ain’t never been to jail, but you running over here and you got caught,” the mom told her son.

If you’re interested in the footage, check the video below.

She had every right to be concerned about her son.

According to WREG-3, authorities were in the neighborhood searching for a particular suspect — 23-year-old Kortez Collins, accused of shooting at a school bus.

For whatever reason, “all Black people look alike” when it comes to “fitting the description.” So, this mother was attempting to get her son out of there as fast as possible. As it turns out, he had already been questioned by police at the scene.

Approximately 20 officers were at the apartment complex with several guns on hand. The source actually says some of them had multiple guns on their persons.

All in all, what are your thoughts about her reaction? Some people say it was a bit over-the-top. However, most of those who say that are particularly “wypipo.” If you have any comments regarding the situation, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

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[Featured Photo via YouTube / screengrab]

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