Mom Arrested For Skipping Town With Kids — ‘Interference Of Custody Exchange’, But It’s Deeper Than You Think

Posted On : 01/04/2018

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A woman was arrested after allegedly trying to escape a custody decision. Police came with a warrant, and that’s when emotions ran rampant.

Note: This situation is heartbreaking. However, according to reports, it’s possible there’s corruption going on at the Mobile, Alabama courthouse in question.


A trending video has garnered a lot of attention via Facebook in the last day or so. It shows a woman — Dana Williams — frantically getting herself together while police wait for her to open her apartment door.

Although Williams states that she didn’t know why they were at her door, many commentators say she knew very-well it was coming.

Mom Arrested For Skipping Town With Kids — 'Interference Of Custody Exchange', But It's Deeper Than You Think III
Dana Williams being arrested at her apartment.

Allegedly, she took her kids from Alabama to Georgia. For a little insight, check the video below.

WARNING: The following video contains sensitive material which some viewers may find offensive. Discretion is advised.

According to the arresting officer, the warrant said she had “interfered with a custody exchange.”

However, the woman protested that the custody agreement is fake.


According to Grand Report, it’s possible the girls don’t even know their father at all. A post was uploaded by “Tado” regarding the situation. From the context, it’s Williams.

The source notes that Judge George Brown at Strickland Youth Center is behind this call.

Note: The petition on says Judge George Brown has allegedly engaged in corruption, racial profiling against Black mothers and children, and violating their civil rights. So far, 8,103 people have signed it. The goal is 10,000. According to the petition, Brown has granted full custody to the father because Williams didn’t show to court with her twin girls. Likewise, Brown terminated Williams’ rights as a mother.

Mom Arrested For Skipping Town With Kids — 'Interference Of Custody Exchange', But It's Deeper Than You Think IV
One of Dana Williams’ 11-year-old twin daughters. She took over her mother’s Facebook Live video after police placed her in cuffs.

Nevertheless, “Tado” states as follows.

“He is still [insisting] on giving two 11 year old girls to a strange man they don’t know like that. Their father has never been in their life. He lives in NY, and he is not even from this country. The judge order me not even visitation or contact with my daughters. It’s not [happening], I will protect my daughters, and I will keep sharing our story until the federal government investigates what’s going on at that court house.”

Mom Arrested For Skipping Town With Kids — 'Interference Of Custody Exchange', But It's Deeper Than You Think I
Dana Williams attempting to comfort her twin daughters, after finding out why police were at the residence.

We had to leave everything behind, yes I am not handing over my daughters because I know this is corrupt!” the woman exclaims.

She continues: “This judge took my daughters away from their family, their school, their friends, and a community of people that loved them. Nobody can tell me why???????


According to the text, she’s been writing the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the matter — hoping they would open an investigation on the judge, as he’s allegedly been threatening to involve the FBI to pursue her.

“I am fighting! We need the FBI involved like they have threaten to send the FBI after me. I am writing them everyday trust me! What would you do if you knew this was wrong, and someone came after your children! Well I hope you would stand up! I love my daughters and they are not leaving me! I do not care what people think of me, I don’t care if you think I should give my daughters over and be quiet, or fight this in the courts silently! I see clearly the court is corrupt by this decision!”

Via the video’s feedback, there have been mixed, opposing views on this situation. However, as you can see from the video, it doesn’t offer much backstory — unlike her post on Grand Report.

Yet, all in all, what are your thoughts about Williams’ predicament with the Alabama judge, George Brown? How do you think she ended up in court at the start?

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