Missouri Elementary School Teacher Calls 4th-Grader A N*gger, Reduces Him To Tears

Posted On : 11/03/2017

A fourth grade boy who attends Harvest Ridge Elementary School in Missouri is too upset to keep attending after a horrifying encounter with one of the teachers. Leon Howard’s son was playing football during recess when the employee approached the group of children and used profanity and a racial slur. The thought of going back the next day drove the little boy to tears.

‘F*cking N*gger’

Fox 2 News reported that Howard was beyond disturbed at what happened.

“I think he’s the gym teacher,” Howard said. “He approached my son and said, ‘Give me the ball you effin’ N-word.'”

Howard said that the children were caught completely off-guard by the teacher’s remarks. They wasted no time reporting the incident to school administrators.

Missouri elementary school
A parent is considering withdrawing his son from Harvest Ridge Elementary after a teacher called him an N-word.

“He ran and told [the] principal and the principal made them write a statement about what he said, and I guess they did [an] investigation of their own. I don’t know,” Howard continued.

The principal notified Howard of what happened and let him know that the teacher had not been terminated. They would take appropriate action after they conclude their investigation. But Howard wants the man terminated immediately.

“I don’t think he should be able to work around kids at all,” Howard said.

School District Response

Francis Howell School District assured parents that swift action is being taken to resolve the matter. Communications and community relations officer Matt Deichmann is adamant that giving proper care and attention to the situation is their top priority.

“We take these types of allegations seriously,” Deichmann said. “So the school and district administers immediately began an investigation and the employee was placed on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.”

What About His Son?

Whether or not the matter is resolved to his satisfaction, Howard has to put the needs of his son first. The little boy didn’t even got to school on Thursday and his father doesn’t even know if it is a good idea to keep him at Harvest Ridge. Howard is seriously considering withdrawing his son from school and considering other options to educate him. He is even considering homeschooling him.

The trauma of the incident is something that his son will likely carry with him for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, firing the teacher won’t solve that problem.

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