[Video] Black Mississippi Officer Fired For Confronting Confederate Flag Wavers Outside Civil Rights Museum

Posted On : 02/14/2018

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI — This officer had an immediate response to confederate flag wavers who wanted to protest the newly-opened civil rights museum. “Hell no.”

According to Clarion-Ledger, a Black capitol police officer has reportedly been fired after a recent confrontation with protesters wanting to wave confederate battle and Mississippi flags outside the state’s new civil rights museum.

Note: Mind you, Mississippi is the only state with a confederate battle flag incorporated into in its own state flag’s design, according to the source. With the purpose of the building in mind, the state flag doesn’t fly outside the museum.

Well, the source reports the protesting group as the Delta Flaggers. Their alleged purpose is to protest outside of state institutions that don’t fly the state flag.

***How lame is that? Guess everybody wants to feel needed, huh?***

Anyway, they recorded video of the situation involving the Black officer. And honestly, it seems to have been some kind of potential setup.

Note: The video’s uploader, Chris Blount, captions the footage,This is not the first altercation with this officer.”

The Clarion-Ledger reports that the group requested to take their picture in front of the building while holding their flags next to the museum’s sign.

The officer reportedly hit them with a “hell no” and a “take your a** back across the street.”

However, the man holding the flag was trying the officer’s patience.

That’s when the officer told him, “Sir, sir, stop acting the fool, and get over there off the sidewalk.” Then, as notes the source, a woman from the group yelled out, “It’s a public sidewalk!

It got to the point where the officer had seemingly endured enough of the BS and mentioned as follows.

“People, people, let me tell you something, if you set foot on this grass, I’m going to have to throw you back out of here.”


The source mentions that the officer grabbed the man’s flagpole and pretended to jerk it away. Then, the man pretty much “cried wolf,” as a take away from Clarion-Ledger‘s report.

The man told the officer, “That’s assault.

So, the officer asked, “Did I put my hands on you?” And another man inserted, “You hit him with the stick!

The two continued to exchange words regarding the situation, but eventually, they got off the sidewalk as instructed. Once they did, the officer raised his fist.

If you’re interested in the video, you can watch it below.

After the incident, as well as the officer’s termination, State Representative Kathy Sykes — D-Jackson — confirmed his firing to the public.

Sykes says the department’s punishment “exceeded what happened.” She says their actions were too drastic against the officer, and it sends the wrong message. According to Clarion-Ledger, Sykes states as follows.

“African-Americans hold the museum in high regard… To wave confederate battle flags around the museum is almost like desecration.”

For real, for real…this goes to show how biased and double-standard this country really is regarding confederate bulls**t versus civil rights progression.

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[Featured Photo via @JMitchellNews / Twitter]

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