Mississippi Inmate Convicted In Fatal Butt Injections Meets A Tragic Demise

Posted On : 01/16/2018

Tracy Lynn Garner made women believe that she was nurse. Her conversation was convincing and she even dressed as a nurse. Garner was often seen in scrubs. But what many women did not know, is that Garner had no experience in the medical field. In fact, the Mississippi woman worked at a nursing home as a cook. Additionally, Garner worked as a floral and interior designer alongside his makeshift cosmetic business.

In March of 2011, Garner posed as a nurse with experience in giving butt injections. Well, at least that’s what she allegedly told Karima Gordon and her friend, Angelina Barber. According to WREG, Barber testified in court that she and her friend Gordon visited Garner in Jackson, Mississippi in 2011 to receive butt injections. The Daily Mail reported that Gordon was referred to Garner by a woman named, Natasha Stewart, an adult entertainer known as Pebbelz Da Model. Desperate to receive butt injections, Gordon reportedly paid Stewart $200 for Garner’s information. Like Stewart, the Daily Mail shared that Gordon was also working as an adult entertainer.

After receiving the referral, Gordon and Barber then traveled from Atlanta to meet Garner at her home. Upon meeting her, Barber was leery of Gordon and decided not to go through with it. Tragically, Gordon allowed Garner to give her a butt injection. After receiving the injections, 37 year-old Gordon didn’t feel well. During the car ride home, Gordon began feeling ill for several hours. When she called Garner for advice, she told Gordon to take some cough syrup. Sadly, Gordon died days later.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my sister Karima's death. She was a loving and caring sister, daughter,…

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When Garner was arrested for the death of Gordon, police officers believed that she was a woman. However, they later discovered that Garner had reassignment surgery. While she was born as Morris Garner, she liked to dress up like a woman and she referred to herself as Tracey Lynn Garner. In 2014, Garner was convicted by a jury of depraved heart murder in the death of Karima Gordon. Depraved heart murder is a killing caused by reckless disregard for human life. Stewart, know as, Pebbelz Da Model, was convicted of manslaughter in Gordon’s death and received a seven-year sentence.

Garner was placed in Central Mississippi Correctional Facility where she was serving her life sentence. It’s unclear if she was feeling ill, but Garner was taken from Central Mississippi Correctional Facility to a hospital in Jackson, where she was pronounced dead on Sunday morning. The Department of Corrections did not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the inmate’s death. At the young age of 58, she had served less than three years of a life sentence.

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The Mississippi Department of Corrections said in a statement Monday that an autopsy will be conducted on the remains of Tracy Lynn Garner. We will update the story as more information is revealed.

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