Minnesota Mayoral Candidate Says New Train System Will Deliver ‘Riff Raff’ From ‘Welfare-opolis’

Posted On : 10/07/2017

A mayoral candidate from Hopkins, Minn., lost his previous bid in 2015 winning only seven percent of the vote. If he was making the same kinds of racist statements that he made at The League of Women Voters forum, it’s no wonder he lost. Bob Ivers claimed that a new rail line will only bring ‘ethnics,’ ‘riff raff,’ and ‘trash’ into the city–and he was just getting started.


“You listen, and you listen real close,” Ivers said when asked about his feelings on the proposed Southwest Light Rail Corridor. ” All the Chicago and Detroit riff-raff, who have moved into ‘Welfare-opolis’ they are going to get on that train and you know where they are going to end up–at The Depot with yours and yours and yours’ granddaughters, daughters, and grandsons.”

The 62-year-old retiree told incumbent Mayor Molly Cummings, the other candidates, and forum attendees that he predicted a shootings inside two months of the rail completion. He went on to say that the city won’t have to work towards racial equality–the train will take care of that, too.

“Hopkins is 90 percent White, OK,” Ivers continued to rant. “The 10 percent coloreds and Mexicans and Asians who are here. Great. Bravo. But the problem is your little yellow train that you are all bravo about, you going to have all the ethnics you want.”

Hopkins Doesn’t Want Him

Residents are shocked at Ivers’ blatantly hateful remarks. He referred to policies that promote diversity and inclusion as ‘socialist ruination of a town.’ Fox 9 News interviewed some locals outside The Depot coffee shop who have no intention of supporting Ivers in the upcoming election.

“I don’t think the people of Hopkins would want someone like this to represent the city,” Rachael Bowman said.

While it’s highly unlikely that Ivers could win, anything could happen. His previous run was a disaster. But one has to wonder, who were the seven percent that voted for him in the first place?

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