[Video] New Car Reaction: ‘Spoiled A**’ Millennial? Or ‘Dead A**’ Ride?

Posted On : 11/17/2017

HYUNDAI/MAZDA DEALERSHIP — People are on the fence about their feelings regarding this video. While the teen’s reaction is disrespectfully ungrateful, many question if you could really blame her.

People say that Millennials feel a certain degree of privilege about this world. As in, many in this generation have a particular sense of entitlement — as if they deserve life’s rewards, rather than work for them.

In the video to follow, the caption reads, “Hard working parents gifted their teen daughter a car but her reaction might stun some of you.

[Video] New Car Reaction - 'Spoiled A--' Millennial - Or 'Dead A--' Ride I
After the parents surprised her with the car, she said nothing and returned to the parents’ car.

And this is true. It might stun and anger some people. As you watch, you’ll see the teen literally offer ZERO gratitude for her parents’ gesture.


Although the parents are saying “new car,” you’ll see that the Lincoln is any and everything BUT “new.”

Matter of fact, the car looked to be about 20 years old. And if that’s the case, it’s literally borderlining the automotive definition of “antique.”

According to the parents, the teen mentioned she was tired of having to take the bus. So, this was their solution for her problem.

The parents explained that they completely paid for it. The only thing she would have to maintain is insurance.

[Video] New Car Reaction - 'Spoiled A--' Millennial - Or 'Dead A--' Ride II
They asked her to take another look at the car.

Yet, none of that mattered to the teen — as she remained silent. Eventually, she simply got back into her parents’ car without saying a word.

At the end of the video, the parents claim they’re just going to get their money back since she didn’t appreciate the gift.


As aforementioned, people are on the fence about this one.

While there are those who have called her a “spoiled a**,” there are just as many saying the car was “dead-a**” horrid.

For instance, Brittany Gomez mentions as follows.

“Ungrateful Lil BRAT!! TF. My grandpa gave me a 98′ Toyota in 07′. After my aunt ran the hell outta it & I was still happy as can be when I received my car. All I had to pay was insurance & gas. Its 2017 & I still have my car. As long as ur ride gets u from point A to point B is all that should matter. These d**n kids these days are too entitled. They don’t need a new 2017 car anyways. Lil brats don’t even know how to drive yet haha.”

While, Joe Wozniak states the following.

“She doesn’t want a big Lincoln like that. With that big V8 engine that the car has that car is a gas hog. The parents need to use their head and get a car that the girl can take care of and maintain better than that. She probably would like something smaller.”

Backing him up is Alana Tofte.

“Or something more reliable, it doesn’t have to be brand new but my thing is this isn’t a gift it’s a burden there’s gonna need to be so much work need to be done. Money pit.”

And there are many other comments on the video. Several people wonder why they didn’t just take her to a used car lot. They say the parents messed up by taking her to a new car lot, anyway.

This made her think she was getting a new car. Then, she got handed keys to fixer-upper? Not even a modern fixer-upper, but a older, box fixer-upper.

Yes, her reaction was definitely disrespectful.

[Video] New Car Reaction - 'Spoiled A--' Millennial - Or 'Dead A--' Ride III
The teen returning to the parents’ car.

However … the parents could’ve also purchased something in last decade.

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[Featured Photo via MadMedia3 / Facebook]

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