Michigan Teen Found Dead Before She Was Scheduled To Testify Against Her Attacker

Posted On : 02/12/2018
Mujey Dumbuya (Facebook)

Kalamazoo, Michigan teen, 16 year-old Mujey Dumbuya, was scheduled in April to testify against her attacker, Quinn Anthony James. James is the uncle of Dumbuya’s boyfriend and he had been accused of sexually assaulting her. On January 25th, Dumbuya’s family reported her missing. They passed around flyers with her picture as they prayed that she would be found safe and sound. Tragically, a couple walking through a neighborhood discovered a body of what appeared to be a 16 year-old girl. Dumbuya’s family positively identified her on January 30th. Now, according to Newschannel 3, police officers believe that James may have been responsible for her death.

James was an employee of Kentwood Public Schools as he was hired in 2003. Despite his criminal history, he was hired as a maintenance man. Anthony James’ convictions of an armed robbery in 1991 and two counts of a prisoner in possession of a weapon. The school district was knowledgeable of James’ criminal past but they tried to give him a second chance given the fact that he wouldn’t be around the students. Kentwood Public Schools Superintendent Michael Zoerhoff emailed News Channel 3 with the following:

Mr. James was hired because he fit the qualifications for working as a groundskeeper. Mr. James brought strong references from community members when he applied for the groundskeeper position, a position for which he was qualified and one that did not connect him with students, Zoerhoff said in an email to Newschannel 3. In fact, our understanding is that Mr. James did not learn to know our [East Kentwood High School] student, who was so tragically murdered, through his work duties or at school. That connection occurred when a person she met via the social media resulted in her coming into contact with Mr. James during the summer. In his position with the district, Mr. James had very limited contact with students and his responsibilities did not involve students. The district took immediate action to terminate the employment of Mr. James this past November when we first learned of misconduct accusations.

In November, James was arrested as Dumbuya reported him to the police for reportedly forcing her to have sex with him beginning when she was only 15. While he admitted to having sexual intercourse with Dumbuya, James claimed that it was consensual. According to police, Dumbuya said, her attacker told her, ‘There is something about you. I could stop, but I just can’t.’ Claiming his innocence, James plead not guilty after being charged with four counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor between the ages of 13-15 in addition to a mandatory minimum 25-year sentence as a habitual, fourth time offender.

Dumbuya wasn’t the only young teen that James reportedly raped. In his Wyoming, Michigan home, James was arrested for sexually assaulting another teen in 2014. News Channel 3 reports that James is now at the Kent County jail being held on a $500,000 bond on one count of criminal sexual conduct in a case unrelated to the homicide investigation in Kalamazoo. Before his arrest, James had been free on $100,000 bond on the charges involving Dumbuya pending an April trial.

Mujey Dumbuya’s family described her as a generous, energetic 16-year old-woman with a radiant smile and an adventurous spirit. They are devastated and filled with sadness over her untimely demise.

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