‘She’s A Queen’ — Michelle Obama Meets Little Girl Awestruck By Portrait

Posted On : 03/08/2018

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Surely, everyone has seen the inspiring photo of the 2-year-old girl standing in front of First Lady Michelle Obama’s portrait. Well now, they’ve actually met!

Shortly after the Obamas’ commemorative portraits were added to the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, 2-year-old Parker Curry found herself captured by Michelle’s illustrated presence.

Several photos emerged online of Parker standing in awe at First Lady Obama’s portrait — many with hashtags like #RepresentationMatters.

And after seeing little miss Curry’s interest, it turns out that Michelle took an interest in her as well, reaching out to her mother — Jessica Curry — for a meet-and-greet.

Specifically, Washington Post reports Jessica’s side of how the joyful event transpired. According to her, the Obama staff reached out to her earlier in the week and invited the Curry family to First Lady Obama’s office.

She was so unbelievably generous with her time,” Curry says, referring to Michelle. “She’s everything I thought she would be and more — classy, elegant, so down to earth.

With that in mind, as well as the former first lady’s busy schedule, Jessica notes that Parker and Mrs. Obama spent nearly an hour together. The source mentions that they danced and had loads of fun.

Although only 2 years of age, Parker is ideally a long-time supporter of Michelle Obama — especially considering the little girl’s life experience thus far.

And while only a couple of years old, she still knows a good person when she sees one. According to Washington Post, Parker has known she wanted to dance with the former first lady long before they met.

The source says, ever since she saw Mrs. Obama on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, little Parker has wanted to join her and cut up on the floor. As fortune would have it, the 2-year-old queen got her wish.


Their conversation wasn’t all dance and partying. According to the source, Parker also let Michelle know she’s a queen; likewise, the acknowledgement was equally reciprocated.

This was further accentuated during a CNN interview with Don Lemon. Both Jessica and Parker were happy to be on the air discussing their experiences with Michelle Obama. That particular part of the interview went a little something like this.

DON:You said before that Parker believes Michelle Obama is a queen. Does she still think that?

JESSICA:Parker, is Michelle Obama a queen?

PARKER:Uh, yes!

JESSICA:Yes, she is…

DON:…She’s a superhero. Maybe she should be in the Black Panther movie…

JESSICA: “…Right, right, right! [Looks at Parker] Maybe Michelle Obama should be in ‘Black Panther’ because [she’s] a superhero?

PARKER:…No…she’s a queen.

JESSICA:Don, you stand corrected. She’s not a superhero… She’s a queen.

At this point, Parker could have similar aspirations in view, especially since she’s having such an early influence. Via social media, First Lady Obama mentioned as follows.

“Parker, I’m so glad I had the chance to meet you today (and for the dance party)! Keep on dreaming big for yourself…and maybe one day I’ll proudly look up at a portrait of you!”

Wouldn’t THAT be something great!? “Madam President Parker Curry.”


According to Washington Post, Parker was joined by her 1-year-old sister, Ava, while at the gallery. The source describes the little girl’s reaction as follows.

“Parker was so entranced by the portrait, staring up at with her mouth wide open, that she wouldn’t turn around to her mom for a photograph. This was precisely the moment Parker’s life would change forever.”

And while Parker Curry still would’ve been influenced by Michelle Obama’s portrait, a big thanks needs to go to 37-year-old Ben Hines for getting a snapshot of the inspiring, viral moment.

Hines, from North Carolina, was actually standing nearby and watched the moment as it happened. Seizing the opportunity, he took out his phone and snapped a photo of Parker in “total amazement,” notes the source.

“This is what America is all about. This young girl can now dream about being someone like Michelle Obama.” — Ben Hines

The source says he attempted to find Parker and her mom later but was having difficulties. So, in steps the power of social media.

He posted the photo on Facebook, hoping someone would connect them. And as you’ve seen, the photo quickly went viral.


According to the source, Michelle’s portrait was painted by Baltimore artist Amy Sherald, who was personally chosen by the former first lady, herself.

Former First Lady Obama said she was thinking of young girls — particularly, girls of color — “who, in the years ahead, will come to this place and see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall of a great American institution. . .And I know the kind of impact that will have on their lives because I was one of those girls.

Truly, it’s magical to see Parker, Jessica, and First Lady Michelle (as well as painter Amy Sherald) inspiring the masses like this.

All in all, let us know your thoughts about it. If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

[Featured Photo via Michelle Obama / Instagram]

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