Tear-Jerker Video! Michelle Obama Gets Emotionally Real About Trump

Posted On : 10/14/2016

While holding back tears and suppressing her anger as best as possible, Michelle Obama gets personally real about Donald Trump. Fox News refuses to air this speech!

— New Hampshire

[I swear, First Lady should’ve run in this election.]

Michelle addresses this New Hampshire public with dire forewarning regarding Trump and his America. It’s no secret at this point.

It would be nothing less than a disaster, and anyone who votes for him has to be delusional to think he could efficiently run this country — or any group of people, period.

However, that wasn’t her focus during this speech. Specifically, her topic of choice was the recent misogynous rhetoric which spewed from his mouth.

Yet, she takes a bit further. She gets real for a second and puts her title aside to speak to the nation.

First Lady Hits It Home

Michelle Obama is a woman of integrity. She’s the best FLOTUS these United States have ever had the privilege of honoring.

However, even she isn’t immune to the utter distaste one finds on the tongue when “Donald Trump” comes up in discussion.

Yet, there’s more to her opposition to Trump. In essence, she notes all the ways this man — and all those like him — makes her feel. And, she puts it in a way no woman or sensible man could reject.

Watch her compelling speech in the video below.

Wow! If you can vote for Trump after that argument, there’s seriously something wrong with you. If so, basically, you’re up there with Stacey Dash and Don King.

No More Interviews with CNN

There’s a reason Fox News isn’t airing First Lady Michelle’s speech. Her words are 100 percent correct.

Yet, the news outlet is basically Trump’s “safe harbor,” if you will. And, there are a lot of like-minded individuals within the company.

According to Media Matters for America, Fox News has a history of sexual harassment within its walls. The source notes that whenever someone would come forth with a complaint, the news outlet would work to discredit those victims, blaming them for the incident in question.

Nevertheless, according to MMFA, Donald Trump has chosen to exclude CNN and MSNBC from future interviews. Let Trump tell it, they always skew his words.

However, anyone with a working brain can hear for themselves Donald’s own words, from his own mouth.

There’s no way anyone else would get away with the type of mindless banter he has throughout his campaign. Yet, according to video and audio records — and just as First Lady mentioned in her speech — this goes back long before he ever thought of running for presidency.

These are Trump’s real thoughts and representations of how he’s always treated women.

Overall, what are your thoughts about Michelle Obama’s speech? If in the odd chance you were thinking of voting for Trump, do you feel different? Feel free to share your comments below.

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