Whoaaaa! Michael B. Jordan As Leading Role In ‘Matrix’ Reboot?

Posted On : 03/16/2017

Move over Keanu. Warner Bros. may be bringing a new persona on the scene, and it’s starring Michael B. This might be the reboot we didn’t know we needed!

— Hollywood, California

Think about it. It’s about time for a reboot, right? The Matrix was released in 1999. Even though it may seem like a short time ago, that’s nearly two decades into the past!

Yet, in nearly 20 years, cinematography has dramatically improved. Filming techniques have changed. Ideas have birthed forth new concepts in movie viewing, altogether.

And with all of this in mind, who better to re-introduce the real world to the wonders of the simulated matrix than Michael B. Jordan?

Still working…

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No Wachowskis?…

If you remember, the Matrix trilogy was directed by the Wachowski brothers — who are now the Wachowski sisters after undergoing transgender procedures, as notes Indiewire.

Well, although the movie would be a Warner Bros. reboot, they seem to have nothing to do with it.

That’s probably why Michael B. is up for consideration anyway, right? To make change, sometimes, you have to change the maker.

So, who’s next up for “Big Man on Set”? Zak Penn. He’s responsible for Syfy network’s Alphas as well as various Marvel credits, like X-Men: the Last Stand and Avengers.

With that in mind, it may have a “tang” of a different twist or eye. But, different can be good.

Anyway, back to Michael B.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Michael is a potential interest for the part. Along with this, he’s working on the role of Erik Killmonger in the new Marvel powerhouse, Black Panther.

Shaping up to be quite the next few years for Michael, right?

Yet, via Michael’s social media profiles, he hasn’t spoken on the Matrix reboot.

However, as to be expected, people are firing up both support for as well as backlash against the star’s potential casting.

If you remember, Idris Elba was also an interest for the part of James Bond, and we see how that went down in comment sections around the Internet.

So, to better execute his time, he’s promoting Equality.

If we can be equals in sport, we can be equals everywhere. #equality

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Specifically, equality in sport.

Don’t forget, in 2015, he played the role of Adonis Johnson in Creed. So, he’s put in some serious time and effort into the sport of boxing.

All in all, with his acting skills and physique, could you see Michael as the new face of the Matrix franchise? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment via our Facebook page.

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