After Meeting With Her Ex-Boyfriend, An Arizona Woman Was Never Seen Again

Posted On : 03/08/2018

In Phoenix, Arizona, a 7 month-old baby girl was found alone in her car seat along the side of a road at about 10:00 p.m. According to The Miami Herald, next to the baby was a diaper bag, backpack, an adult shoe and a wallet with Jasmine Dunbar’s identification inside. After the baby was discovered unattended, family members of Dunbar immediately filed a missing persons report as she would never leave her child unattended. The family members of Dunbar became frantic with worry as they repeatedly called her phone but the calls were unanswered. No one in her family had heard from her after she reportedly arranged a meeting with her ex-boyfriend, 20 year-old Antwaun Travon Ware.

What Happened To Jasmine:

After Dunbar was reported missing, investigators visited her home that she shared with her godmother. Dunbar’s godmother revealed some interesting information. She revealed to officers that Dunbar reportedly planned to meet with Ware in order to take a paternity test. Upon learning this information, officers decided to pay Ware a visit. According to Arizona Central, Ware admitted that he picked up Dunbar and her baby from their apartment. However, Ware initially told police officers that he dropped Dunbar and the baby off at home after they had a dispute. He later changed his story.

The Confession:

Upon initially telling investigators that he returned Dunbar to her apartment, Ware eventually changed his story. Arizona Central reports that Ware admitted that he became angry with Dunbar and punched her several times. After allegedly punching her several times, Ware told officers that he dropped off Dunbar and left with the baby in the backseat. Ware claims that when he left, Dunbar was alive.

He said that he panicked and dropped (the baby) off in the area of 8400 West Minnezona because he saw people nearby and believed they would find her and take care of her, Ware reportedly said according to a probable cause statement.

Using a helicopter, police found a partially burned body at about 4:35 p.m. Wednesday. Dunbar’s family feared the worst as they prayed that it wasn’t her. While the body has not been confirmed as Dunbar, police strongly believe that the badly burned body is in fact her. Additionally, police said that a signal from Ware’s phone put him at the location where the burned body was recovered, according to the police report. However, Ware is adamant that when he left, Dunbar was alive. Family members of Dunbar stated that she was a devoted mother who loved her child. Leaving her infant alone and unattended is something that she simply would not do.

No matter how crazy it may sound, Ware allegedly told officers that he left Dunbar in a field still alive. Now, it appeared that there was some dispute over the paternity of the child. Instead of keeping the child, that could quite possibly be his child, Ware admitted to dropping the baby off in a location where he observed people. According to the Miami Herald, Ware dropped the infant child off on the side of the road “because he saw people nearby and believed they would find her and take care of her,” according to the police report. This is where the story gets interesting.

After Dropping Jasmine Off, Her Boyfriend Returned To The Scene:

It appears that when Ware returned to the field that he allegedly left Jasmine, he found her dead. What did he do next? Well, instead of calling for help, Ware reportedly put a piece of paper on her body and poured gasoline over her. If that wasn’t enough, Ware then he lit her on fire with a cigarette. He stayed to watch the body burn until the flames stopped. News 12 claims that Ware drove by the spot where he left Dunbar’s baby but he noticed police officers. Ware decided to leave the scene and he ventured to his girlfriend’s home. Based on evidence gathered, Ware was arrested for one count of first-degree murder, kidnapping, abandonment of a body, and child abuse, according to police. He’s been booked into Maricopa County Jail.

While the body found in the field has not been officially identified as Dunbar, A Go Fund Me Account has already been created to help with her burial. The following was written on Dunbar’s Go Fund Me page:

Jasmine Dunbar was 21 years old and loved her daughter to no ends. She was a beautiful soul looking for more in life. She had so much ahead of her. Unfortunately, she was killed and her body was found today, March 8th. She left for what we thought would be a few hours, turned into a lifetime. Any donation would help our friend, her 7 month old daughter, and her family. Please have it in your hearts to share this so we can put Jasmine to rest. Thank you very much. God Bless.

Our prayers are with the family.

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