Meet The Female Boss Who Owns The First Ever Black-Owned Hostel In The U.S

Posted On : 09/14/2018

Deidre Mathis is fascinated by the world around her.

After exploring several continents, the African-American woman decided to use her love for traveling to connect people. The 31-year old is now the proud owner of her own hostel WanderStay Hotels, in Houston, Texas.

She is also an accomplished author, having written a book on how to travel on a budget.

She Has Traveled To Over 37 Countries

Mathis grew up in Florida – a place that is visited by around 40 million people annually. 

Tourists flock to the Sunshine State for its beautiful beaches, glorious weather and of course to see Mickey at Disney Land. So it’s understandable as to why Mathis was not in a rush to travel.

It wasn’t until she took part in a study abroad program at Florida A&M University, that she caught the traveling bug.

After visiting the Dominican Republic she told herself, “I need this all the time.”

Now she can proudly say she has been to over 37 countries on all seven continents. She shared her experiences in a book she wrote entitled: Wanderlust: For the Young, Broke Professional.

The CEO shares tips on how to save money, time management and planning your dream trip.

She Loves The Connections Made In Hostels

Mathis made lots of deep and personal connections with the people she met across the world.

By traveling alone and staying in hostels, she was able to meet people from several different cultural backgrounds.

It’s what inspired her to build her own hostel in Houston, Texas, which opened on Monday. But Mathis plans on opening more hostels in different locations.

“We have a plan to scale to 5 locations before 2026. We have some work to do. Our first two properties will be hostel concepts, but I feel like this is what is needed in Houston, and this is very innovative,” she told Essence.

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