See Why Many Blacks Are Making Death Threats Toward This Man

Posted On : 06/22/2017

This man is making a LOT of people furious. You be the judge whether it’s warranted or not.

Recently, a man by the name of Terrance Williams posted that he’s been “kicked out the Black community.” You can see this from the video below.

However, throughout all his laughter, you’ll see why many are taking extreme offense to Terrance.

To start — as you can hear from the above video — he’s totally against Black Lives Matter. To Terrance, he believes the organization and movement is keeping Blacks from uniting with other ethnicities, particularly whites.

But like everyone else who misunderstands the organization, he affiliates all actions from Blacks to be Black Lives Matter-related.

Interestingly enough, according to Williams, he’s from the hood and grew up “ghetto.”

He notes that he’s watched gangs shoot up little kids, blowing off the heads of toddlers and much more. To this, he questions where Black Lives Matter is during those situations.

Check out the video below.


Yet, in claiming he understands, his take on police brutality appears entirely disconnected from what many Blacks go through when dealing with law enforcement.

He claims that, if we “just listen,” everything will be fine.

Umm…isn’t that what Philando Castile did? And he still got a full clip put in his chest.

In response to this video, many have mentioned that he’s likely to be next.

Loves to be in the house…

As a full-fledged Donald Trump supporter, Terrance Williams has appeared on Fox News for celebrating the fact that Trump hasn’t been impeached yet.

It’s just a lot to try to comprehend when it comes to this guy.

Nevertheless, we’d love to know your thoughts about Mr. Williams and his “take over” of Black Lives Matter.

Lol. Talk about delusional.

He sounds a bit narcissistic … coincidentally, just like Trump. Do you think Black Lives Matter — the organization — even knows he exists?

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