[Video] Be Careful! Man Tries Very Popular Hair Growth Formula, And…Well…

Posted On : 03/29/2017

Although Dr. Sebi claimed to cure several diseases and ailments, this young man certainly got nothing but side effects while using the doctor’s formula.

— San Leandro, California

Okay. This story has quite the twist. There’s a huge chance that this isn’t Sebi’s fault. However, we’ll get to that in a little while. First, let’s discuss a cosmetic catastrophe.

The man’s name is Jermel Brown. Unfortunately, Brown could be a victim of fraud.

This is him before attempting the alleged Dr. Sebi’s hair follicle serum.

Essentially, Brown was trying to propel his hair growth. That’s one thing the official website says about the formula.

“[Dr. Sebi’s Hair Follicle Fortifier] cleanses and strengthens the hair follicle to promote new hair growth.”

But, that’s not what happened to him at all. Brown had some type of allergic reaction to the stuff in the bottle. Instead, this was his result.

For a better view, here’s a video.

Things only got worse from there. His head began to swell with zero remorse! Mind you, this is not a fake image.

Think it’s fake? Have a look at this.

And then, his face…

You don’t believe? Check the vid.

In the past, this formula has received rave reviews. So, what could’ve been so different about this particular case?

There’s no concrete reasoning behind Brown’s reaction. However, if you look at Dr. Sebi’s bottles, they usually have the Los Angeles location on the label.

According to one of his alleged grandsons, this location has been compromised. Check the video below.

Yet, Dr. Sebi’s alleged daughter defends that the location hasn’t been compromised at all. Although as many have commented, the woman’s answers seemed a bit scripted and rehearsed.

It all does appear alarming, especially given the recent incident with Jermel Brown. Typically, Dr. Sebi’s formulas have received only positive reviews.

According to the source, one of the key ingredients in the hair follicle formula is Nopal. Interestingly enough, this is a type of cactus.

“Nopal has been used by cultures in North and Central America for centuries. Even traditional medicine has used Nopal due to its benefits. Nopal contains eight flavonoids making it a powerful antioxidant. It is effective treating inflammation. [It] helps suppress paw edema and inhibits leukocyte migration. Leukocyte migration is crucial in the development of inflammatory diseases. Additionally, Nopal helps lowering LDL cholesterol levels. LDL, low-density lipoprotein, also known as bad cholesterol, poses a risk for cardiovascular diseases.”

Results for his formulas started changing after allegations that his organization had been infiltrated by those who’d prefer certain multi-billion dollar diseases remain “incurable” and “only treatable.”

You can’t make money curing diseases, right? Then, on top of those allegations, Dr. Sebi suddenly and mysteriously dies…

Really?…someone needs to get to the root of this issue.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding Jermel Brown’s case? Feel free to share your comments via our Facebook page.

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