Man Travels 1,000 Miles To Meet 81-Yr-Old Bestie From ‘Words With Friends’

Posted On : 12/06/2017

FLORIDA — In this life, you never know who you’ll impact or how it will happen. For instance, this guy found his bestie via an online game.

Fox 2 Detroit reports the story as “the friendship you wish you had.”

Man Travels 1,000 Miles To Meet 81-Yr-Old Bestie From 'Words With Friends' I
Spencer Sleyon finally meets Rosalind Guttman. ‘Words With Friends’ besties. Photo Credits: @Filth800 / Twitter.

According to the source, 22-year-old Spencer Sleyon — an up-and-coming rapper from Maryland — has a way with words, especially given his lyrical talent.

He happened to stumble across Rosalind Guttman, 81, while conquering matches on Words With Friends — a popular online game similar to the board game Scrabble.

The two hit it off. The source says they’ve played each other over 300 times. Reportedly, Spencer has locked 210 wins under his belt between the two of them.

Yet, during the course of their word battles, they formed a bond with each other. They became online besties, so to speak.

However, Spencer eventually relocated to New York City in pursuit of his music career, according to the source. That’s when they lost contact for a while.

Nevertheless, while in Manhattan, Pastor Amy Butler of The Riverside Church took interest in the friendship after hearing Spencer’s story.

She came to me weeks later and asked me how would I be interested in going to Florida for a day to meet her,” says Spencer. Of course, he was down for it.

So, she contacted Guttman and asked for a meet. And, likewise, Rosalind was all excited about it.

Man Travels 1,000 Miles To Meet 81-Yr-Old Bestie From 'Words With Friends' II
Spencer and Rosalind are bubbling over in joy. Photo Credits: @Filth800 / Twitter.

Both, Amy and Spencer flew to Florida to make the “meet” a reality. The source says they met at Rosalind’s retirement community.

On December 1, via Twitter, Spencer Sleyon posted about the experience as follows.

“so last summer i randomly met this 80 y/o woman on words with friends. we played 300+ games together and she actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine. today i got to go to florida and meet her in person.”

Note: This is evidence you’re never too old to make new friends and/or meet new people. You never know from where or whom you’ll meet those closest to your heart.

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[Feature Photo via @Filth800 / Twitter]

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