Man Shot Inside Church Basketball Gym After Game-Losing Turnover

Posted On : 05/16/2018

CLEVELAND, OHIO — This is one situation that didn’t have to happen. After a game-losing turnover, a man could’ve lost his life in a provoked-yet-senseless shooting.

According to Cleveland Metro News, a 31-year-old man was shot late Friday evening inside an Ohio basketball gym — which actually belonged to St. Paul’s Community Church.

Church Mural
According to the church’s website, “this mural at St. Paul’s is based upon the scriptural references of the 12 steps and faces the courtyard of our neighborhood church.” Photo via St. Paul’s Community Church.

The source reports that the shooting happened around 10:30 p.m. on Franklin Boulevard and West 45th Street. Allegedly, the shooting was instigated by a fight over a critical turnover which cost players the game. For now, no arrests have been made.


Well, according to the source, the community church rents out the gym to a group that organizes basketball games on Friday nights. This was an attempt to give men in the area a place to “do something positive,” Antonio Davis mentions. He’s one of the game organizers.

The source notes that a dispute happened between teammates. Apparently, they didn’t know each other; nevertheless, the confrontation happened during Friday’s game.

The police report states that someone stole the ball from the shooter amid the game’s final point. That’s when the other team drove the ball down court and scored a game-winning lay-up.

Accordingly, the 31-year-old man started arguing with the shooter (the one on his team) about the “poor play.” The report says the 31-year-old, then, insulted his teammate and said he should beat him in front of his girlfriend and young son — both of which were at the gym watching the game.

Antonio Davis notes that other players intervened and separated the men. However, what looked to be a calming storm only proved to be brewing in silence.

The source says the shooter left the gym with his girlfriend and son… but returned moments later. The source reports as follows.

“He stood just inside the door and fired two shots at the 31-year-old man, who was on the sidelines. One bullet struck his teammate in the right side of his buttocks, according to police. He was taken to MetroHealth, where he was treated, according to police.”

NOTE: Although this is a tragic occurrence, you simply can’t talk crazy to any and everyone — thinking there’ll be no repercussions. Especially including the man’s family within his threat?…


Reportedly, Davis said he’s been organizing the games approximately two years. Davis elaborates by saying he began organizing these games due to his fondness of playing ball in church while growing up.

Simply, he thought to offer the same opportunity for adults. Antonio Davis mentions as follows.

“I just wanted to try and use it as a way for people to do something productive, come in and play instead of going out and getting drunk or whatever.”

And while the game draws between 30 and 40 players a week, Davis now says they’re going to suspend the game for two weeks. After that, the church will allow the Friday night game to continue.

“It was just an unfortunate event,” Davis says. “We were more shocked and afraid than anything else. We all mostly know each other. Those two people didn’t know each other. But if they did, I don’t think it would have happened.”

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