After What This Man Did In Church On Sunday, Proves Churches Need Security

Posted On : 07/08/2018

Man Pulls Knife In Church After Being Asked To Silence Phone — But That's Only The Beginning

COOL RIDGE, WEST VIRGINIA — Some people don’t play about their phones. And apparently, others will try to hurt you over theirs. That’s what happened here.

You ever get an eerie feeling — like someone around you doesn’t exactly have your best intentions in mind? A feeling in your gut like someone wants to harm you?

Well, nobody knows better than your own intuition. And as members of Nehemiah Baptist Church can attest, it’s best to listen when you’re being warned.


According to Register-Herald, 26-year-old Bernard B. Edmond was attending the congregation’s service. However, sometime during the program, he was approached by a person asking that he quiet his phone.

The source doesn’t specifically dictate the aggression which led up to Edmond’s acts of violence and terror, but — according to the Herald — the man soon pulled a knife on fellow church-goers.

Reportedly, Edmond became enraged after being asked to silence his phone and allegedly began chasing church members with his knife, threatening to kill them. The source says some members were able to barricade themselves in a back room.

However, there were others still outside the room who were forced to deal with the suspect. During this time, the source says witnesses saw the man flip tables and throw chairs — aside from brandishing his weapon.

Nevertheless, according to Register-Herald, police were called to the scene during the incident while Edmond was still inside the building and terrorizing its attendees.

Eventually, the others were able to lure Edmond outside the building. They kept him from re-entering the church until West Virginia State Police arrived. Authorities pulled up to the location and saw Edmond still holding the knife.

Edmond reportedly turned his attention to the officers. They moved in for the arrest, and as the man was being handcuffed and subdued, he became violent with police.

As the source reports, authorities used a stun gun in order to fully restrain him.

After he was arrested, Edmond was charged with:

  • threats of terrorist acts
  • brandishing
  • and assault on an officer.

According to the source, “he’s being held on $50,000 bond at Southern Regional Jail.”


While people think churches are safe havens from crazy, violent people, there are several stories like this one which have made headlines over various decades.

Churches, like any other building where large numbers of people gather, need security. Volunteers are cool. However, to ensure everyone’s safe — and to have peace-of-mind, it’s best to hire professionals.

In most cases, it’s within the church’s budget — granted it’s not actually struggling to keep its doors open.

Although by theoretical standpoint churches shouldn’t need security — because people should have AT LEAST the moral compass not to enter with malice intent — that’s just simply not the case these days.

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[Featured Photo via Southern Regional Jail]

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