Man Found With Legally-Purchased Marijuana Sentenced To 8 Years

Posted On : 10/20/2018

OREGON/MISSISSIPPI — You illegally purchase it, you go to jail. Government makes it legal. You legally purchase, you still go to jail. When will we win? This guy never saw it coming.


Activists state that 46-year-old Patrick Beadle is being sentenced harshly due to his ethnicity. While visiting in Mississippi, Beadle was arrested and charged with trafficking.

Here’s what reportedly happened.

According to Beadle, he legally obtained the marijuana in Oregon. It’s legal in the state. However, of course, that’s not the case for Mississippi. It’s a red state, and the “war on drugs” is big money.

While driving through Madison County, he was pulled over for allegedly crossing a fog line in the road, and authorities found approximately 3 pounds in his vehicle. According to Daily Mail, he initially faced 40 years in prison — the maximum.

The source says Beadle was convicted by jury — even though prosecutors couldn’t prove he was actually trafficking marijuana, rather than simply possessing it. The source states:

“Beadle did not posses a large sum of money, drug paraphernalia, or a scale, but cops found the nearly three pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.”

According to the man, he purchased the marijuana using his medicinal card. The source says he’s bothered with chronic knee pain, and he uses it as medication. Reportedly, he developed the pain due to his college basketball years.

Nevertheless, as aforementioned, Mississippi isn’t such a free-thinking state, especially when it concerns “drugs” and its Black citizens. Thus, they attempted to throw the book at him.

However, Beadle feels he was racially profiled during the ordeal, “targeted for his dreadlocks and license plate from another state,” as notes the source.

In court, his mother pleaded with Madison County Circuit Judge William Chapman to have mercy on her son.

Yet, Chapman said he won’t reduce Beadle’s charge to simple possession because he was already convicted under the state’s drug trafficking law — as if he doesn’t have the power to rescind his previous ruling.

Likewise, Chapman told her Beadle will serve the entire sentence because Mississippi doesn’t allow parole or probation.

…That’s absolutely disgusting.

All in all, Beadle’s attorney — Cynthia Stewart — is attempting to appeal his case. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, they’ve actually sued this particular police department before for racial bias.

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[Featured Photo via Rebel Wire / Twitter]

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