Man Convicted Of Human Trafficking Of A 14 Yr Old Girl Gets A Deserving Stiff Sentence

Posted On : 08/08/2017
Paul J. Monteiro, 32


Paul J. Monteiro, 32, from Rhode Island, was sentenced to 12 years for trafficking and prostitution of a minor girl, from Rhode Island and taking her to a  New Jersey hotel where he set up shop according to information posted on providencejournal. Once Monteiro completes his sentence, he will then have to remain under federal supervision for 5 years according to the source.

Back in April of 2015, he was charged with first-degree kidnapping and first degree human trafficking,  after he was allegedly found in Somerset, which is located in Franklin Township, at a hotel with a 14-year-old girl, that was reported missing from a group home according to information posed on NJ.

Monteiro, who resides at 55 Zone Street, in Providence, Rhode Island, had been charged with second-degree sexual assault, according to a joint news release from Franklin Township Chief of Police, Lawrence Roberts, Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey D. Soriano, and Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office, Chief of County Detectives Timothy M. Fitzgeral.

Cross County Lines

Reportedly, the affidavit listed that the under aged girl, told law officials that she had engaged in sexual relations with Monteiro, and that she identified him as her friend. Officials further uncovered while fact finding, that there was an ad on Backstage referencing services offered of a sexual nature. As listed on a affidavit, the ad contained pictures of a female displaying a tattoo located on her neck and “a unique manicure that matched the tattoo and fingernails of the juvenile” that was accompanying  Monteiro, as posted by the source.

Law officials including the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office has teamed up to dive into whether Monteiro, traveled from Rhode Island to New Jersey to understand if he engaged in such activities in areas other than Franklin. Judge Julie M. Marino, set Monteiro, bond at $400,000 cash-only bail and he is being housed at the Somerset County Jail, as posted by the source. Heis believed to have brought the minor girl to the hotel from Rhode Island, according to authorities.

Get Involved

Authorities believed that Monteiro, met the young girl on Facebook. She had been reported missing from a group home back in November of 2014. The young girl shared with police, that Monteiro, posted an ad that had included her picture on In addition, he set up arrangements for her to engage in sex, with two people who had responded to the aid according to authorities.

Law officials had asked for the public’s help, by coming forth with information regarding Monteiro and possibly any other juveniles, that he may have  traveled with or had contact with. There was no additional information posted, showing if there were other cases where Monteiro, had victimized any other minor girls.

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